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MAESTRO TRYTONY ‎– Enoptronia (1996, Poland)

Mix of chamber and avant jazz, neo-classic and fusion.
For Univers Zero and Art Zoyd fans.
MAESTRO TRYTONY is a musical undertaking by TOMASZ GWINCINSKI, a composer, improviser, guitarist and drummer, a leading personality of the "Music from Mózg" scene based in Bydgoszcz, Poland. The "Music from Mózg" and its Gdańsk equivalent, the jass scene (MIŁOSC, ŁOSKOT, KURY, TRUPY and other bands) became notorious artists involved in the making of the most creative and original Polish music throughtout the 90s. The evidence of this notoriety can be seen in the approval that the two scenes receive from both the conservative jazz press and the rock media. This results in the growing number of festival presentations: Warsaw's "Jass Jam Nights '96",a satellite of the Polish famous Jazz Jamboree, a "Music from Mózg" Jass block of concerts during the Poznań Jazz Fair Festival' 96 and Cracow's "The Jass Days'96 " all of them filmed for the 2nd program of Polish TV. Unfortunately the music that the both scenes generate is still poorly documented on records because of the malfunctioning of the Polish phonografical market dominated by big foreign corporations. The experimental, creative proceedings of the artists engaged in the both scenes might be compared only to that of the modern New York underground including JOHN ZORN, BILL FRISELL, FRED FRITH, ELLIOT SHARP, DON BYRON or that of the Quebec scene with its RENE LUSSIER, JEAN DEROME, ANDRE DUCHESNE.The Bydgoszcz Mózg (Brain) Club, a base for jass activities, is sometimes called the Polish Knitting Factory. It is the only place in Poland where avant-garde, or improvised music is regularly played, FRED FRITH, RENE LUSSIER, NICK DIDKOVSKY,CHRIS CUTLER, ZEENA PARKINS, JOEY BARON being among the star performers. The original facet of the "Music from Mózg" jass production is its modern classical chamber music overtones, the feature well represented in the music of TOMASZ GWINCINSKI. MAESTRO TRYTONY' s "Enoptronia" is a turning point in the record collection of the scenes. This recording, inspired by jazz noncomformists (JOHN COLTRANE, ALBERT AYLER, ERIC DOLPHY, ORNETTE COLEMAN) as well as rock avant-garde composers (FRED FRITH, CHRIS CUTLER, FRANK ZAPPA), combines improvisation with the modern classical form. Doing so, it retains the rock energy, improvisational freedom and wit, the idiosyncratic features of jass.The recorded music flavors of the Polish soft romantic lyricism so characteristic in the works of KRZYSZTOF KOMEDA. The personnel of MAESTRO TRYTONY consists of both musicians of the two scenes and classically trained performers. The quest star is ANDRZEJ PRZYBIELSKI, nestor of the Polish non-mainstream jazz. TOMASZ GWINCINSKI, the leader and composer for MAESTRO TRYTONY , is an artist appearing in the line-ups of both the "Music from Mózg" and jass bands. Towards the end of the '80 he was a quitarist with the Gdańsk-based MIŁOSC band, today the best Polish acoustic jazz group. Then he founded TRYTONY trio with which he recorded two CDs:" Tańce Bydgoskie" (1993) and "Zarys matematyki niewinnej" (1995) .MAESTRO TRYTONY continues and develops the musical ideas of TRYTONY. GWINCINSKI is also a drummer with the most notorious group from the "Music from Mózg" scene MAZZOLL & ARHYTHMIC PERFECTION . The band released three albums: two of them were issued in 1995 and 1996, the third one is about to come out in 1997. GWINCINSKI and MAZZOLL make improvising duo under a name of "THE VOICE OF THE BLACK HOLE".GWINCINSKI's other projects are TELE ECHO group and the GWINCINSKI- RICHTER- SKOLIK trio, the latter having recorded music material for CD which will be released soon. The chamber music score for a string quartet and an improvising trio written for the "PERE UBU" play performed by the Polish Theatre in Bydgoszcz sets a beginning for the classically oriented composer works from GWINCINSKI.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

LA MARMITE INFERNALE - Moralité-Surprise (1983, LP, France)

Side A
A1 Les Passe-Temps D'une Pierre 5:36
A2 Tant Tristes Les Lambusquets 3:34
A3 Fanfare Spécifique 3:29
A4 Qui Joue Contre Qui? 5:53

Side B

B1 La Voie Romaine 3:18
B2 La Charge Des Dragons 8:19
B3 Moralité Surprise 2:46
B4 Feeling Di Tango 3:15

Artwork By – Pierre-Noël Bernard
Co-producer – Arfi, Enzo Custodero
Composed By – A. Gilbert (tracks: A2, B1, B4), C. Rollet (tracks: B3), J. Bolcato (tracks: A3), M. Merle (tracks: B2), S. Waring (tracks: A1, A4)
Double Bass, Voice – Jean Bolcato
Drums – Christian Ville
Drums, Trombone – Christian Rollet
Engineer – Bruno Menny
Guitar, Saxophone [Alto], Voice – Steve Waring
Photography – Horace, Jean-Marie Bitraux
Piano – François Raulin, Patrick Vollat
Saxophone [Alto, Soprano], Clarinet, Clarinet [Bass] – Louis Sclavis
Saxophone [Soprano, Alto] – Maurice Merle
Saxophone [Tenor, Soprano] – Guy Villerd
Saxophone [Tenor] – Alain Rellay
Trombone – Alain Gibert, Yves Robert
Trumpet – Jean Mereu
Recorded at Studio Cybernis, Lyon, June - July 1983
Free Jazz WorkshopからWorkshop de Lyon、そして音楽家のみならず料理人や大道芸能まで巻き込みより自由な民俗的表現を求めてARFI(想像的民族音楽探求協会)へと進化してきた大変ユニークな南仏の民族性即興音楽シーン。その基幹活動のひとつで、Louis Sclavis、Alain Gibert、Christian Rollet、Maurice Merle、Jean Bolcatoら、主要メンバーが揃って参加する大所帯の即興オーケストラがこのLa Marmite Infernale。ARFI非常勤の歌のお兄さんSteve Waringも参加して自主レーベルARFI Moveから83年に発表した作品。お祭りファンファーレと頓知めいた謎かけが交錯する半分夢の中みたいな即興劇場。名盤だらけのARFI関連作品の中でも指折りの名盤!大推薦盤!

MARIMBA PLUS - Flight Over The World (2013, Russia)

Marimba Plus is the first and the unique music band from Russia in which marimba is the leading instrument and the creativity basis.

KULTIVATOR ‎– Barndomens Stigar (1981, Sweden)

Mellotronen ‎– MELLOCD 024 & 025
2CD, Album, Reissue

JANNIC TOP - Soleil D'Ork (2001, France)

Unreleased recordings from 1974-76

ALTERED STATES ‎– Mosaic (1995, Japan)

God Mountain ‎– GMCD-015

Saturday, June 24, 2017

FLIGHT ‎– Flight (1975, LP, Usa)

Capitol Records ‎– ST-11458           

HAPPY THE MAN - Various **Soundboard Live**

TORNANDO ‎– Menù (1995, Italy)

Erosha ‎– ERH 005

Tracklist: Wine glass phase; Menù; Budino di cervello; Gita; Diritti da 'u tore; Dinastatico I; Toni; Impro #1; Cozze fetenti; Afa; Bunuel; Newsweet; Giostresco; Soffritto n°1: la Mirinzana sperimentale; Get funk-rag-blues; Sfasato; Forme geometriche; Impro #2; Dinastatico II; Soffritto n°2: Cuore alla griglia; Guerrazzi 20; 3'44".

Salvatore Panu: piano, electric bass, percussions, cooking drum, voice 
Ferdinando D'Andria: violin, trumpet, electric guitar, percussions, radio, voice

Un odore di fritto aleggia ad apertura di pagina, anzi soffritto, soffritto di cipolla, un po' bruciaticcio, perché nella cipolla ci sono delle venature che diventano viola e poi brune, e soprattutto il bordo, il margine di ogni pezzetto tagluzzato di cipolla che diventa nero prima che dorato, è il succo di cipolla che si carbonizza passando attraverso una serie di sfumature olfattive e cromatiche, tutte avvolte nell'odore dell'olio che frigge appena appena...
Italo Calvino: "Se una notte d'inverno un viaggiatore"

Grandi Sapori Linea Tornando
Ancora una volta siamo lieti di poterti offrire un prezioso aiuto per la tua cucina. L'occasione è questo speciale ricettario che abbiamo preparato proprio per te, che ami cucinare piatti semplici e leggeri ma dal gusto ricercato. Per questa ragione la Linea Tornando vuole esserti ancora più vicina grazie ai suoi "Sapori" che da oggi si fanno in due per soddisfare al meglio ogni tua esigenza di cucina.

"La linea è quella de 'i baffi alla Gioconda', sicché sulla deformazione grottesca i due strumentisti giocano in maniera spesso divertente. Le carte migliori del duo vengono promosse più efficacemente in relazione ai manierismi rock, deformati in maniera davvero sghemba."
Giampiero Cane: Il Manifesto, 10 marzo 1996

"... Salvatore Panu et Ferdinando D'Andria, officient aux fourneaux pour nous offrir cette musique festive, chalereuse, enjouée, voire exubérante par moment, très colorée et pourtant d'une grande finesse, mitonné délicatement, réjouissante pour les papilles auditives..."
Pierre Durr: Revue et Corrigée

"...le duo propose une musique simple et complexe en même temps, mélangeant l'humour, la dérision, l'expérience et l'écoute des Residents, des Mothers de Zappa et une fois de plus, le rock in opposition des sieurs Cutler and Co. Voilà une excellente réponse à ceux qui considèrent le genre comme éteint."
Philippe Renaud: Improjazz n. 30, Novembre-Dicembre 1996

RADIO PIECE III ‎– Tomato Pie Blues (1988, Cass, Usa)

Tape 'Y' Records

LINGAM ‎– Musiche Per Un Film Immaginario (1999, Italy)

ReR Megacorp ‎– LH-1                

Sunday, June 11, 2017

ISILDURS BANE & STEVE HOGARTH - Colors Not Found In Nature (2017, Sweden)

Comprising six songs composed by IB's musical director and keyboard player Mats Johansson and Steve Hogarth, the richly detailed recordings feature tuned percussion, strings, woodwind, brass and voices, and within an integrated suite-like album structure.
Both a departure for Steve Hogarth and a stunning return for Isildur's Bane, the album incorporates elements of Rock, traditional music, Jazz and contemporary Classical in one brilliantly unified world.

Saturday, June 10, 2017

EASTER ISLAND - Easter Island (1979, Usa)

1. Face To Face Including Wonderer's Lament Intro 10:10
2. Genius Of The Dance 4:19
3. Solar Sailor 6:21
4. Winds Of Time 6:46
5. The Alchemist Suite A: Prelude 5:31
6. The Alchemist Suite B: Life Celebration 4:18
7. The Alchemist Suite C: Telesterion 5:31
8. The Alchemist Suite D: Resurrection 5:52
9. Summerland4:49
10. Now & Then 1:43
11. Face To Face Live 7:30
12. Solar Sailer Live 6:53

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

MAURIZIO FABRIZIO - Movimenti nel cielo (1978, Italy)

Maurizio Fabrizio è conosciuto soprattutto per la sua lunga collaborazione con molti artisti del panorama pop italiano (Angelo Branduardi, Mia Martini, Mina, Antonello Venditti, ecc.).

Sin dagli anni '70 collabora come compositore, arrangiatore e musicista in diversi album di Angelo Branduardi (La luna, nel 1975, Alla fiera dell'est nel 1976, La pulce d'acqua nel 1977, Cogli la prima mela nel 1979 e Concerto nel 1980).
Proprio durante questo sodalizio artistico nel 1978 incide "Movimenti nel cielo", un disco di forte ispirazione progressive, un autentico gioiello imperniato su una "suite astrale" per gruppo Rock e Orchestra (L'Orchestra del Teatro alla Scala di Milano). Il risultato è un lavoro molto raffinato e lussureggiante, che mescola in modo sublime ed armonioso le caratteristiche tipiche del Progressive Rock italiano con le atmosfere mediterranee e suoni neoclassici derivanti dal proprio background musicale acquisito presso il Conservatorio 'Giuseppe Verdi' di Milano.

Un lavoro di classe, ispirato e coinvolgente, tecnicamente impeccabile e suggestivo, di altissimo livello emotivo. 
A causa di problemi contrattuali con l'etichetta di registrazione l'album purtroppo non ha avuto una giusta promozione, rimanendo per molto tempo nascosto e sconosciuto ai più. 
Ancor oggi viene catalogato come un disco per 'completisti' e presente solo nelle 'vinyl room' di amanti e/o esperti del settore...

Mai pubblicato su cd, fino al 2010, quando la Universal lo ha miracolosamente inserito all'interno della Collana Progressive Italia: Gli Anni '70 Vol. 6 - The Universal Music Collection - Limited Edition (6 CD) (qui si trova ancora ad un prezzo decente).
Di certo un'edizione spartana, poco curata e senza il giusto rilievo che avrebbe meritato.

Di più recente pubblicazione (2014) è la ristampa in vinile Deluxe Limited Silver Edition su Btf .

Infine per i collezionisti in cerca dell'edizione originale è disponibile qui (o altrove... basta mettersi un poco alla ricerca, si trova anche piuttosto facilmente).

Reputandolo un disco da avere assolutamente, consiglio a tutti gli amanti della buona musica che passano da queste parti di accaparrarsi, a seconda dei propri gusti (vinilici o digitali) una delle edizioni disponibili sul mercato, e non accontentarsi di un file liquido ed impalpabile...

Sunday, June 4, 2017

FLIGHT ‎– Incredible Journey (1976, Usa)

Incredible (indeed!) mix of Jazz-Rock, Progressive and Pomp. Truly an obscure masterpiece this one. Keyboards and brass everywhere, totally OTT stuff. Side 2 is a little bit more relaxed. Get this if you can, you will be rewarded ten times the effort of finding it. One last thing: the production work is awesome on this. (Cd available here | Very low price here

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LOW FLYING AIRCRAFT ‎– Low Flying Aircraft (1987, UK) Repost!

Dan Maurer | David Cross | Jim Juhn | Keith Tippett
CD Available here
An unlikely fusion album by 4 diverse talents of the UK jazz and rock scenes: David Cross (famous rock violinist with King Crimson), Keith Tippett (experimental jazz pianist), Jim Juhn (much travelled guitarist) and Dan Maurer (drummer, who then joined David Cross Band).

GREEK FUSION ORCHESTRA ‎– Without Boundaries Κυριάκος Σφέτσας ‎Χωρίς Σύνορα (1980, LP, Greece)

Here is a rare Greek Prog/Jazz LP from 1980 released on EMI/ Columbia 14C 062 71149.
Kyriakos Sfetsas: arranger, conductor
Yannis Terezakis: piano, fender rhodes
Giorgos Theodoridis: bass
Nikos Tatsis: luth, electric guitar
Lefteris Tzimas: drums, percussion
Tassos Poulimenos: tenoro sax
Giorgos Halkiadakis: baritone sax
Stelios Vichos: alto sax
Yannis Theodoridis: trumpet
Manthos Halkias: clarinet