June 03, 2017

Low Flying Aircraft ‎– Low Flying Aircraft (1987, CD, England) Repost!

Songs / Tracks Listing
1. Sybilization (3:17)
2. Fourth dimension (3:14)
3. Baptism by fire (2:46)
4. Poolside (5:34)
5. Abstract Blue (5:32)
6. Moronathon (3:13)
7. Amnesia (2:59)
8. Reflection (8:45)
9. What did you do (2:06)
10. Radically conservative (3:04)

Line-up / Musicians
Dan Maurer / drums, EMU II, whirled tube
Jim Juhn / guitar, bass, EMU II, percussion, whirled tube
David Cross / violins
Keith Tippett / piano
Guest musicians:
Ron Linton / Tenox sax
Eric Drew Feldman / DX7
Paul Burwell / percussion, sqweek drum, bowed metal, whirled tube

A lot of works by which musicians who were related to King Crimson participated and formed bands exist. They might always give the listener the expectation and information and be offering the enjoyment to music for the listener. The music that derives from various bands affords us the enjoyment enough as a relation.
The listener might have taken delight in music from another angle as diversity of the music that derived from a band active by the item of Prog Rock in the 80's. And, the change and advancement were indeed provided for Prog Rock and other music in the 80's when music accomplished the revolution. Band..age..catch..always..change..grope for.The work by which the musician who was related to King Crimson in the flow as one of the enjoyments participated will be able to discover the fact from which an interesting work is announced as a correlation of music.
Music exists as various elements in Music in the 80's in the deriving flow the listener the existence of this project a little valuable. And, the listener might have expected a good chemical reaction for them for the performance of musicians who were related to this project.
This band was a project done by drum player's Dan Maurer and guitar player's Jim Juhn. To start this project, they appointed David Cross and Keith Tippett. Dan Maurer and Jim Juhn showed deference to King Crimson. And, the listener might have [me]ed it to the only work by these four people the zeal of music by the shadow and the derivation of King Crimson in the period. Music by this member might have had the approval or disapproval at that time when the age of 1987 was considered. Appointment of age when this work was announced and David Cross to retire from performance almost. And, they might have created music of participated by the musician who derived from King Crimson not feeling them for a fact quite new. This album left the name as valuable music with an experimental element and relations as shape of the band that belonged exactly in the age. There is little shadow of King Crimson though David Cross and Keith Tippett participate in this album. It is music that should catch as one of the deriving music in close relation to the age. And, this project is a work of which the color of Dan Maurer and Jim Juhn has gone out strongly. 

The Album
In "Sybilization", the atmosphere of the violin that flows in a piano flow and the space with the anacatesthesia is a feature. The tension is continued and it advances slowly. A glossy melody continues.
"Fourth Dimension" uses the rhythm of seven in the basis. The melody of the violin in close relation to the arpeggio of a beautiful guitar gives the listener a beautiful anacatesthesia and a peculiar impression. Such music might be an original music exactly character by this project.
A complex melody starts from "Baptism by Fire" in the form of fade In. A basic rhythm of the theme takes the rhythm of five. The wind instrument twines from the melody with the tension and the tune advances while shifting in the form of Free Jazz. The tension continues.
"Poolside" starts with heavy atmosphere. DX7 of Eric Drew Feldman that participates in the recording of the album contributes in this tune. Atmosphere advances with heavy feeling. The element of the improvisation might be strong.
"Abstract Blue" shifts to the flow with the improvisation from the theme with unique a little at once. This tune might be strongly colored by Improvisation. Feeling advanced of the band in union keeps originality. The tune gradually becomes intense and twines round another theme. The development of this part has succeeded splendidly. The end of the tune returns to the theme of the start. 

"Moronathon" has the start of which the rhythm of the percussion instrument goes out ahead in the narration. The line of constant Bass is continued and the tension is kept. The rhythm is important in this tune.
In "Amnesia", originality and the anacatesthesia might be strong tunes in the tune of this album. The part where the sound of the flute twined round the composition of an intermittent rhythm originally of Bass will be reminiscent of an Oriental melody. And, the part where the theme is not felt while continuing a constant rhythm is emphasized and it advances. It might be a tune that remarkably exactly showed the age when the sound etc. of the machine parts used for the age and the tune are considered.
"Reflection" starts from a beautiful piano melody where the DeLay effect hangs. The anacatesthesia is continued and it shifts to the part where uneasiness is called. It advances as the part of Free Jazz twining round an experimental element. The violin contributes to the tune. The state that Improvisation goes out strongly is continued and the tune advances.
"What Did You Do" has a different theme in the tune of this album. As for the flow with a complex melody and ensemble in the element of Funk, the part of Fusion might be a little strong. However, the atmosphere of the tune that the band does is consistent.
"Radically Conservative" starts in the shape connected from the part of Coda of "What Did You Do". The melody that there is an anacatesthesia in the rhythm that looks like the Afro music has good atmosphere. The wind instrument twines intermittently while continuing the rhythm. Suitably to the tune that decorates the end as the entire flow of the album. might
This consistent music develops the music character to reflect the times exactly as the only project that they left. And, it is possible to talk about the performance and four ideas that did as a part with originality. progarchive

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