October 02, 2022

Angelo Branduardi – State Buoni Se Potete (1983, LP, Italy)

A1 Vanità Di Vanità 2:50
A2 Tema Di Leonetta (Per Orchestra) 2:50
A3 Danse Des Filles De Joie 1:49
A4 State Buoni Se Potete 3:00
A5 Canzone Di Cadigia 1:55
A6 Capitan Gesù (Strumentale) 1:53
A7 Tema Di Leonetta (per Violino Baritono) 1:43
B1 State Buoni Se Potete 2:29
B2 Canzone Di Cadigia (Strumentale) 1:23
B3 Capitan Gesù 3:05
B4 Vanità Di Canità (Per Organo E Flauti) 1:05
B5 Tema Di Leonetta (Per Violino Baritono E Orchestra) 1:26
B6 State Buoni Se Potete (Per Armonium E Flauto) 1:20
B7 Vanità Di Vanità (Strumentale) 2:50
B8 Sarabanda 1:56

Angelo Branduardi: guitars, violin, baritone violin, mandolin, pan pipes, flutes, dulcimer, keyboards, percussions
Franco Di Sabatino: keyboards
Maurizio Fabrizio: guitar
Gianfranco Lombardi: piano, harpsicord
Andy Surdi: drums
Andrea Verardi: bass
Piercarlo Zanco: percussions, double bass
Piccolo coro Akademia: choir on "Capitan Gesù" and "Vanità di vanità"
Iris Peynado vocals in "Canzone di Cadigia"

October 01, 2022

Camel – Camel (1973, LP, England)

Camel – Mirage (1974, LP, England)

Camel – The Snow Goose (1975, LP, England)

Motiffe – Motiffe (1972, LP, England)

A1 Grotesque Piece 5:16
A2 Analogy 6:24
A3 Life Reciprocal 10:23
B1 To George 8:35
B2 Mind And Body 15:27

Drums, Percussion – Mark Pasterfield
Electric Bass – David Shackley
Flute, Vocals, Percussion – Ian Wilson
Keyboards – Mike Avery
Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar – John Grimaldi
Tenor Saxophone – Quentin Brier

Jester – Jester (1978, LP, Usa)

Side A
1. (You Can) Find Another Way (4:04)
2. Little Davey (3:06)
3. Battle Of Five Armies (4:38)
4. He Put It In The Window (3:30)
5. Why Rain? (5:00)
Side B
1. The Choice Is Yours (5:23)
2. Johnny The Rocker (3:45)
3. Everybody (4:03)
4. Seven And Seven (3:32)
5. Lobo (4:35)

Eldin Green/ guitars, saxophones
David Price/ keyboards
David Owens/ drums
Tom Mitchell/ bass

LP Self-released J-151