July 26, 2021

Matia Bazar – Matia Bazar 1 (1976, CD, Italy)

1 Per Un'Ora D'Amore 4:01
2 Cavallo Bianco 4:58
3 Ma Che Giornata Strana 4:48
4 Blue 3:22
5 Un Domani Sempre Pieno Di Te 4:28
6 Stasera Che Sera 3:26
7 Suffering From Memories 3:40
8 Limericks 3:48
9 Io, Matia 3:15
10 Gente D'Ogni Età 6:53

Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone, Flute – Hugo Heredia
Bass – Salvatore Stellita
Drums – Giancarlo Golzi
Guitar, Vocals – Carlo Marrale
Keyboards, Vocals – Piero Cassano
Vocals, Percussion – Antonella Ruggiero

July 24, 2021

Clubfoot Orchestra – Nosferatu (1989, Cassette, Usa)

A. Untitled
B. Untitled

Composed By – Gino Robair, Richard Marriott
Orchestra Conducted By – Steed Cowart
Clarinet, Bass Clarinet – Beth Custer
Drums, Marimba, Percussion – Gino Robair
Guitar – Steve Kirk
Tenor Saxophone, Guitar [Hawaiian Guitar] – Josh Ende
Tenor Saxophone, Saxello – Dave Barrett
Trombone, Shakuhachi, Flute, Synthesizer – Richard Marriott
Trumpet – Doug Morton
Tuba, Bass – Bob Lipton
Violin – Kaila Flexer

Nosferatu, directed by FW Murnau in 1922, was the first telling of Bram Stoker's "Dracula" on film. The vampyre was played by Max Streck. Bela Balzacs, a German film writer of Hungarian descent, called the film "a chilly draft from doomsday". A crazed real estate agent in Bremen sends his recently married clerk, Harker, off to Transylvania, to the castle of Nosferatu, to settle some business affairs. The vampyr is attracted to a picture of Harker's wife and leaves for Bremen to find her, leaving a trail of death.
The score, written by Richard Marriott with contributions by Gino Robair, was premiered at San Francisco State University for the BAVAC Awards Ceremony, April 16, 1989. The next two evenings it was persented at the Castro Theatre, San Francisco. Later that year it was featured on "Entertainment Tonight" with Leonard Maltin and performed at New Music America in New York.

Genfuoco - Antichi Confini (1975, CD, Italy)

A band from Tuscany, formed in the mid-70's in Siena, they released a self produced nine-track tape, Antichi confini, in 1975, and being part of the international Gen christian movement they were invited to play in various european Genfest festivals.

Their first and only album in 1979 was on the religious Città Nuova label that had also produced bands with similar names like Gen Verde and Gen Rosso.
Dentro l'invisibile had a limited distribution mainly in bookshops, and is rare to find now, though not a particularly interesting album for prog fans.
Acoustic, soft atmospheres are prevalent with good use of flute, sax, keyboards, like in the opening Ouverture, but the tracks have limited instrumental interludes and are mainly built on the vocal parts.
The album marked the end of the band, that split around 1980.

The group reunited in 2000 with all the original members, playing in Florence, and managed to release a self-produced live CD recorded in 1976-78.
A well recorded CD with eight-tracks (though none of the album tracks are included here), this is a good document of the live activity of the band, with two tracks over 10 minutes.
The cover doesn't mention any recording details, but the tracks included surely come from different concerts with different lineups, and the musicians involved include the six members that were on the LP along with percussionist Marco Scala and drummer Marco Masotti. (italianprog)

July 17, 2021

Bonafedegruppo Jazz – Locomotiva (1977, LP, Italy)

A1 Locomotiva 9:44
A2 Verano 8:27
B1 Stranessa 6:16
B2 La Notte 6:00
B3 What's Up What's It 8:13

Alto Saxophone, Soprano Saxophone – Gianluigi Trovesi
Contrabass – Lucio Terzano (tracce: A1, A2, B2)
Drums – Paolo Pellegatti
Electric Bass – Paolo Marsano
Electric Guitar – Alberto Marchesini
Fortepiano – Luigi Bonafede

Egberto Gismonti – Em Família (1981, LP, Brazil)

A1 Lôro 5:27
A2 Don Quixote 5:28
A3 Em Familia 9:38
B1 Sanfona 4:34
B2 Folia 4:49
B3 Chôro 3:03
B4 Auto Retrato / Branquinho / Passarinho 2:02
B5 11/06/81 (Feito Em Casa) I 2:27

Electric Bass, Double Bass – Zeca Assumpção
Guitars, Piano, Accordion, Arranged By – Egberto Gismonti
Soprano Saxophone, Alto Saxophone, Concert Flute, Flute, Alto Flute – Mauro Senise
Drums, Percussion – Nenê

Oscar Rocchi E Il Suo Modern Sound – Erbe Selvatiche (1977, LP, Italy)

Recorded around mid '70s, this scarce Italian Library composed by maestro Oscar Rocchi was released on the same label of the infamous Giancarlo Barigozzi's WOMAN'S COLOURS, who also played in this session. One of the finest Jazz-Funk and funky library jams with terrific themes to literally die for - some of the hottest Bboy Funk beats from Italian Library vaults with stunning drums breaks, stoned flute, fuzzy guitars and Fender Rhodes solos. Loads of exciting grooves that have chipped in to make this LP just A KILLER. Huge session and very solid album from the beginning to the end!