January 21, 2020

D. Beaver ‎– Combinations (1973, LP, Usa)

Track listing:
A1. I'm Gonna Show You (4:34)
A2. a. Don't Give Up (7:46)
       b. Come Hear It
       c. Anthony Beechum
       d. Here It Comes
       e. Combinations
A3. a. Another Bad Year (3:53)
       b. Anastasia
       c. Please Stand By
       d. I've Had Some Time
B1. a. The Wizard of Menlo Park (5:26)
       b. Get the Phone
B2. It's Gonna Take Time (2:29)
B3. 42nd All Star Review (2:08)
B4. Halfway (2:11)
B5. I Wouldn't Bet on You (Dina Divina) (2:45)

Arranged By [string and woodwind arrangements] – Carl Marsh, David Beaver
Backing Vocals – Jackie Cook (tracks: A6), Reni Crook (tracks: A8)
Bass – Steve Spear (tracks: B1, B2, B4)
Bass, Other [Max vol] – Tommy Cathey
Clarinet – Rudy Garner (tracks: A8)
Drums, Acoustic Guitar [12 string] – Joel Williams
Fiddle – J. A. Spell (tracks: A1, B5)
Guitar – Jimmy Tarbutton (tracks: A2, B1, B2, B4)
Guitar, Vocals – Paul Allen Taylor (tracks: B2)
Lead Vocals – D. Beaver (tracks: A2, B1, B4), David Mayo (tracks: A8), Jimmy Jamison (tracks: A1, A4, A6, A7, A10, B5)
Pedal Steel Guitar – Leo LeBlanc (tracks: A2, B6)
Piano [tack piano and piano], Organ, Clavinet, Synthesizer [arp], Accordion, Arranged By – D. Beaver
Piano, Backing Vocals [background] – David Mayo (tracks: B1, B2, B4)
Produced by – D. Beaver (tracks: A1 to A10, B3, B5, B6), Jimmy Jamison (tracks: B1, B2, B4)
Recorder, Oboe, Bassoon [octave and regular] – Carl Marsh
Vocals – Jimmy Jamison (tracks: B6)

Memphis based progressive rock band lead by keyboardist David Beaver, formed from the ashes of another obscure group called Edgewood. Combinations is supposedly a more progressive effort (based on what I've read). Beaver's group sounds like so many of the albums coming from England at this time, especially acts found on the Dawn or Neon labels. This isn't hyper complex progressive rock, definitely more song oriented, but with plenty of variety in the instrumentals (violin, harpsichord) and song structures (there are 16 tracks including intervals). I also hear distinct references to bands such as Flash and Morgan. The only other album I own on TMI is Washrag, a fun little bit of instrumental soul/funk.

January 19, 2020

Michael Bass ‎– Parchesi Pie (1978, LP, Usa)

A.  Sound Of A Chair Knocking Down  (18:52)
B.  One You Can All Clap Along To  (19:31)

Composed, Mixed, Edited By – P.D. Pop
Electric Bass, Electric Guitar, Voice – Glenn Wiser
Lacquer Cut By – Pete Helffrich
Percussion, Piano, Organ, Voice, Trombone – Michael Bass
Woodwind, Percussion, Voice – Dave Newhouse

Recorded December 1975 – June 1977 at various and sundry locations. Mixed and edited April to December 1977.

Michael Bass And His Moderately Sized Orchestra ‎– Painting By Numbers (1979, LP, Usa)

Side A
A1. In Case Of Rain (A Few Suggestions) (8:48)
A2. Painting By Numbers (9:14)
Side B
B1. Give That Dog A Bone (7:29)
B2. The Cardiac Arrest Polka (6:40)
B3. Blutgeld (7:25)

Alto Saxophone – Dave Newhouse (tracks: A2, B1)
Alto Saxophone [Alto Saxophone Solo] – Tom Scott (tracks: A2)
Baritone Saxophone, Bass Clarinet, Soprano Saxophone – Dave Newhouse
Bass – Billy Swann (tracks: A1, A2, B3)
Clarinet – Bob Toltan (tracks: A1, B2, B3), Tom Scott (tracks: A1, B2)
Drums – Mike Bass (tracks: A1, B1, B2), Paul Sears (tracks: A2)
Flute, Piccolo Flute – Nancy Collier (tracks: A2, B2), Norman (tracks: A1, A2, B3)
Guitar, Bass – Steven Feigenbaum (tracks: B1)
Piano, Vibraphone, Mallets Percussion, Percussion – Mike Bass
Trombone – Doug Elliott
Trumpet – David Kappler (tracks: A1, A2, B2), Larry Elliott (tracks: A1, B1, B3)

Composed By, Arranged By – Michael Bass

January 17, 2020

Parafulmini ‎– Tenere Fuori Dalla Portata Dei Bambini (2017, CD, Italy)

1.  Intro: Il Professor Magnifizio  (1:36)
2.  T'Arraffo E T'Arruffo  (2:39)
Parafulmini Suite
3.a  Allegro Un Po' Troppo  (1:29)
3.b  Andante Al Mare Con Ruspe  (1:07)
3.c  Allegro Siberiano  (1:11)
3.d  Finale Cacciucco  (0:21)
4.  Stati D'Alimentazione Progressiva  (3:13)
5.  Dunque?  (2:45)
6.  Spavento  (4:21)
Idraulici In Vacanza
7.a  Acqua A Pedale  (3:39)
7.b  Pedale Ad Acqua  (3:22)
8.  Intemezzo Con Zampironi (0:14)
9.  TFDPDB  (3:59)
10.  Il Clan Dei Pappianesi  (3:01)
11.  Miracolo A Vecchiano  (2:45)
Una Settimana di Bontà
12.a  Dentista  (3:06)
12.b  Gitarella  (2:14)
12.c  Polpetta  (3:39)
13.  No, Grazie  (2:37)
14.  Cornacchiaia  (3:41)

Electric Guitar, Bass – Stefano Masoni
Featuring, Baritone Saxophone – Riccardo Zini
Featuring, Bass Saxophone – Filippo Brilli
Featuring, Electric Bass – Alfonso Capasso, Luca Cantasano
Featuring, Electric Guitar, Instruments [Aggeggi Spaventosi] – Fabrizio Bondi
Featuring, Keyboards – Patrizio Fariselli
Recorded By, Mixed By – Riccardo Andreini
Tambura, Percussion – Marco Bigliazzi
Written-By – Marco Bigliazzi (tracks: 1 to 3, 5 to 10, 12 to 14), Stefano Masoni (tracks: 4, 11)

PARAFULMINI [Lightning Rods] – Tenere Fuori Dalla Portata Dei Bambini – Keep Out Of Reach Of Kids

The first album by Marco Bigliazzi (drums) and Stefano Masoni (guitars), founders of
Parafulmini (Lightning Rods), that they define as a “Prurf Band”, Prurf meaning from prog to surf
rock and everything in between: punk, alternative, jazz – you name it. Tenere Fuori Dalla Portata
Dei Bambini (Keep Out Of Reach Of Kids, Lizard Records & Parafulmini, 2017) lasts 51 minutes
subdivided in 20 tracks, some of wich grouped into suites, such as Parafulmini Suite in four
movements, and however all linked each other by a cheap, absurd sci-fi sort of story : Parrucchieri
all’Ultraspazio (Hairdressers From Outer Space).

Tenere Fuori Dalla Portata Dei Bambini is mainly an instrumental album, made of a wide variety
of meters, melodies and harmonies, with some special guests: above all Patrizio Fariselli, of the
avant-garde group Area, on piano and electronic keyboards on two polyrhythmic tracks, and other
fellow musicians on electric bass, bass and baritone sax and additional metal guitar.

Parafulmini, born in Pisa (Italy) some years ago, are now ready to bring abroad their original
music with their new bassist Riccardo Zini and have new material almost ready for the next new
album, that may be titled PRURF.

Blank Manuskript ‎– Krásná Hora (2019, CD, Austria)

1. Overture (6:49)
2. Foetus (6:10)
3. Achluphobia (15:35)
4. Pressure Of Pride (3:38)
5. Shared Isolation (9:55)
6. Alone At The Institution (9:21)
7. Silent Departure (3:37)
8. The Last Journey (8:34)

Peter Baxrainer / acoustic, Classical & electric guitars, vocals
Dominik Wallner / piano, electric piano, synthesizer, organ, clavinet, celesta, Mellotron, vocals
Jakob Aistleitner / saxophone, guitar, bass, flute, glockenspiel, percussion, vocals
Alfons Wohlmuth / bass, flute, bottles, vocals
Jakob Sigl / drums, percussion, vocals
Antonia Sigl / viola
Wolfgang Spannberger / samples

Founded in Salzburg, Austria in 2007
Blank Manuskript is an ArtRock project from Salzburg, Austria. Typical long songs ornamented with a high level of symphonic density and elaborate polyphonic structures as well as extended improvised sections lead their audience through an entire musical adventure. Their compositional approach seeks to combine all sorts of different styles and traditions needed to serve the initial concept of their works. Hence, the arrangements are carefully structured with complex rhythmical patterns and establish a sound-scape that can hardly be found in music nowadays. The lyrical elements are picturesque with a worked out mystic touch and though at a first glance arcane, they always address current social issues in an implicit way. As the music always follows the narrated concept, one might label it contemporary rock program music.

The band was formed in 2007 with the aim of working on fully-fledged concept albums without the pressure of having to follow a certain musical style. Blank Manuskript's first publication was the concept album Tales from an Island - Impressions from Rapa Nui (2009). The album deals with the formation of society and culture in the example of Easter Island, and culminates in a fictional love story wrapped around the famous Birdman Cult. Their second album A Profound Path (2013), which is often described as being of a much darker nature than its predecessor, is a musical journey from hell to heaven and is loosely based on Dante's Divinia Comedia. In 2015, Blank Manuskript released "The Waiting Soldier", dealing with the loss of identity in human beings. The story is set in an undetermined time and can also be applied to modern day life. (progarchives)

Orquesta Metafisica ‎– Hipnotizados (2019, CD, Argentina)

1. Anestesia (4:43)
2. Amnesia (2:06)
3. Bastardos Cósmicos (6:35)
4. Hiromy (3:10)
5. Estrujamientos (6:10)
6. Los Ojos (6:22)
7. La Salamanca (6:38)
8. Abre (3:17)
9. Manada Hipnotizada (1:21)
10. La Catedral (3:50)
11. Elevación Primaria (2:05)

Sebastian Volco: piano, keyboards, mini Moog, Fender Rhodes
Sebastian Rosenfeldt: bass, bass cello, Chapman stick, programming
Silvio Ottolini: drums
Miguel Yanover: saxophones
Pablo Nemirovsky: bandoneon
Clement Janinet: violin
Yaping Wang: yangqin
Robby Marshall: tenor saxophone, clarinet
Pablo Gignoli: bandoneon
Salvador Toscano: drums (4)
Andrea Pujado: violin (5)
Ysandre Donoso: bandoneon (1, 4)
Pablo Nemirovsky: bandoneón (1, 2)
Verónica Votti: cello
Andrea Pujado: violin
Anne Le Pap: violin
Romain de Mesmay: viola

This new opus comes as a follow-up to 7 Movimientos, an instrumental album in which the band narrated a story about liberation of the spirit.

In HIPNOTIZADOS, it develops the topic of public opinion manipulation via the mass media, suggesting that people in all societies succumb to the same discourse which aims at generating fear, obedience and mistrust.

​As HIPNOTIZADOS unwinds, instrumental compositions are interspersed with medleys of real political discourses pronounced by public personalities and with recordings of Tweets written in reaction to those discourses, exalting patriotism, security, religion, consumerism, new technologies or xenophobia.

ORQUESTA METAFISICA proposes original instrumental music, rich in influences, with an atypical choice of instruments: piano, bass, drums and saxophone married with classical strings, bass cello,  stick and world music instruments, including the mythical bandoneon of Argentinian tango and the traditional Chinese yangqin, all that combined with electronics.