June 04, 2023

Android Trio – Other Worlds (2021, CD, Usa)

1 Anger Dance 5:07
2 Concentric Lines 4:11
3 Extra Terrestrial Folk Dance 5:18
4 Miscellany B 4:23
5 Serial Tune 4:19
6 Fanfare 3:41
7 Secular Athletes 3:22
8 Open Air 2:53
9 Cryptosaur 4:47
10 Take Me 5:40
11 Water Song 4:37
12 Quark 5:07

Bass, Guitar – Eric Klerks
Drums, Percussion, Synth, Sequencer – Andrew Niven
Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar – Max Kutner
Guest, Baritone Saxophone – Jessica Lurie
Guest, Guitar, Keyboards, Sampler, Producer – Mike Keneally
Guest, Keyboards, Organ – Jonathan Sindelman
Guest, Trumpet – Daniel Rosenboom
Guest, Vibraphone – Gregg Bendian

Max Kutner, Eric Klerks and Andrew Niven, virtuosos all, were all also schooled in playful virtuosity, sprung rhythms, and no-holds-barred experimentation while playing in one or both of two of the great legacy bands of progressive music: The Grandmothers of Invention, who specialize in the reinvention of the Frank Zappa/Mothers of Invention repertoire, and The Magic Band, John "Drumbo" French's uncannily inspired tribute to the music of his mentor, Don "Captain Beefheart" Van Vliet. "That's how we kind of came together. We all sort of crossed paths in Australia for the first time in 2014 when there was a joint tour with the Magic Band and the Grandmothers," Kutner says. "And, you know, we were all like 'This is great, but we need to do our own thing.' We can't just play in legacy bands; we have to pay homage to the things we like by making our own stuff." Other Worlds, Android Trio's second release, is a fully fleshed out compositional statement, with intricate production strategies and an assortment of extraordinary guests.

Alters – MILD: Mnemonic Induction of Lucid Dreams (2007, CD, Poland)

1. Outro
2. Psalm
3. Farewell
4. Paul's etude
5. Nasty Languor
6. Michael's etude
7. Calm
8. Lukas's etude
9. Strange Services
10. Robert's etude
11. Dream Bean Blues Bar
12. Mnemonic Induction Of Lucid Dreams
13. IntroLine-up / Musicians

Michał Sołtan - vocal, guitar, grand piano
Paweł Zalewski - synthesizers, viola da gamba, vocal
Łukasz Smoliński - bass guitar
Robert Pludra - drums

ALTERS is a Polish group of appreciated artists, creative musicians and modern rock fusionists. Following a passion in both the traditional and odd grandeur of the XXth Century's music, and also basing their influences (which bring together many innovating and very notable rock, jazz and avant-garde musicians), they skip though much of the conventional shine, being able to bring forth, themselves, a particular assortment of rock, of dark fusion, of sound streaming and of small avant-garde exhibitive flairs - in an artistic, gripping, talented, interesting way.

The band formed in 2001, after some workshop sessions, the members befriending thanks to the feeling that, out of their strict rock devotion, a great musical experiment and exteriorization can be realized. The core of ALTERS is currently formed by four Warsaw artists: Michal Soltan plays piano, guitar and is the vocalist, Pawel Zalewski works with synthesizers, plays sax and (most surprisingly) viola da gamba, Lucasz Smolinski is the bass guitarist Robert Pudra plays the percussions. ALTERS, however, had and still have a lot of collaborators, like trumpeter Rafal Ganko, visual artists Majsen and Tomek Ebert or keyboardist Michal Lapaj, from RIVERSIDE. With powerful and consistent live performances, the ensemble received nice prizes, popular and critical recognition. After a knot of demo music and over five full years of work, their debut, MILD: Mnemonic Induction of Lucid Dreams, centres their fusion, whether odd or dark, and sparkler sound/visual rock triallings.

Influences reflect an important side of ALTERS. Just like they combine the standard with the alternative and the uncanny, the progressive sound comes less from YES and GENESIS, has a natural twist from the mid-period PINK FLOYD, but essentially resembles KING CRIMSON's dark rock inkling. Their power fusion reaches the good quality of SBB and maybe something from MAHAVISHNU, the musician sharing an idol in Miles Davis's full innovations and masterpieces. The Polish prog relation can, in the end, place a straight link to Czeslaw NIEMEN's experimental classic phase or to INDUKTI's contemporary cutting edge of music.

Believing relentlessly and incessantly in their talent of creating modern music that's full of diverse and improvised senses, plus being genuinely tempted by a never-ending fusion of tastes and techniques, ALTERS can have an impressive edge in the spotlight of rock, jazz, indie art and avant-garde. They're prog rock, art rock, modern rock and beyond. (progarchives)

Abus Dangereux – Live (1985, LP, France)

A1 Tout Bêtement 9:00
A2 Balade À Cinq 7:55
B1 Puzzle 8:25
B2 Cinq Ans Après 7:20
B3 Récréation 7:10

Bass – Philippe Talet
Guitar – Pierre-Jean Gaucher
Percussion, Marimba, Drums – François Verly
Saxophone, Flute, Piccolo Flute – Bobby Rangell
Vibraphone, Xylophone – Jacques Marugg

Recorded Live At The New Morning (Paris) 28 & 29 March, 1985

May 28, 2023

Crack – Si Todo Hiciera Crack (1979, LP, Spain)

A1 Descenso En El Mahëllstrong 5:24
A2 Amantes De La Irrealidad 6:11
A3 Cobarde O Desertor 4:53
A4 Buenos Deseos 3:51
B1 Marchando Una Del Cid (Partes 1 y 2) 7:43
B2 Si Todo Hiciera Crack 10:08
B3 Epílogo 2:17

Acoustic Guitar, Flute, Vocals – Alberto Fontaneda
Drums, Percussion – Manolo Jiménez
Electric Bass – Alex Cabal
Electric Guitar – Rafael Rodriguez
Hurdy Gurdy [Teclado de cuerda] – Emilio Cao
Keyboards, Vocals – Mento Hevia

May 27, 2023

Flux – Flux (2021, CD, England)

1 Muzz 3:32
2 Atonal 7:12
3 I've Just Murdered A Girl Called Maria 0:57
4 Present From Bromley 6:51
5 Spring Robinson 11:43
6 Killer 2:14

Bass – David Shackley
Design – Bobby Blisters
Drums – Charlie Chandler
Guitar – John Grimaldi
Keyboards – Dave Punshon
Saxophone, Flute, Vocals – Richard Blanshard

Fantasia – Aikamatkaajan Unikuva (2022, CD, Finland)

Recorded live at Ritz, (Vaasa, Finland) 2017