November 11, 2018

Pierre Henry / Michel Colombier ‎– Messe Pour Le Temps Present (1967, 2xLP, France)

Risultati immagini per Pierre Henry - Michel Colombier ‎– Messe Pour Le Temps Present
Risultati immagini per Pierre Henry - Michel Colombier ‎– Messe Pour Le Temps Present
This is the much admired, somewhat groovy and extremely experimental Messe Pour Le Temps Present from French composer Pierre Henry - one of the pioneers of the music concrete movement. Recorded in 1967, Messe Pour Le Temps Present was originally scored for a Maurice Bejart ballet, Henry being an ardent admirer of the French choreographers work. Messe Pour Le Temps Present was one of a handful of collaborations with Bejart and Pierre Henry even travelled the world as sound engineer with Bejart's group.

November 10, 2018

No Secrets In The Family ‎– Kleinzeit (1992, CD, Switzerland)

With this RIO-production No Secrets in the Family display its musicality and ability to move within styles, technics and artistic expression without falling into the fashionable fusion-crossover en vogue. No just rock or jazz or funk, moreover these 4 musicians build songs full with breaks, stumbling grooves and dynamics which will simply open your ears (and eyes). From Recommended Records Switserland.

November 08, 2018

Calicanto ‎– De La De L'Acqua (1983, LP, Italy)

Risultati immagini per Calicanto ‎De La De L'Acqua 1983
Risultati immagini per Calicanto ‎De La De L'Acqua 1983
Marilisa Cusinato – voce
Roberto Tombesi – voce, organetto, mandoloncello, chit. battente, dulcimer, bouzouki, percussioni
Corrado Corradi – voce, chitarra classica, acustica, battente
Giancarlo Tombesi – contrabbasso
Andrea Ferlini – violino
Massimo Fumagalli – voce, chitarra acustica, mandola, flauto, piva, ciaramella, uillean pipes
Francesco Vezzaro – mandolino
Lorenzo Danieletto – tabla
Cinzia Meneghel – fagotto

È la prima e mai dimenticata pubblicazione del gruppo. Contiene alcuni brani storici che hanno tenuto compagnia a Calicanto lungo tutto il suo percorso, tra i quali quello che dà il titolo al disco.

Alain Meunier ‎– Voyage Aux Fonds De La Mer (1979, LP, France)

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Really amazing sounds from Alain Meunier – one of the few artists we know who can blend acoustic guitar and electronics with effortless ease – and create his own music with a very unusual vibe! The electronics dominate the record, as Meunier plays a variety of keyboards throughout – but the use of guitar also humanizes the music, and seems to balance its own progressions with more cosmic elements that come from the deft fingers of Alain! Some tunes evoke spacier territory of the German scene, but others have a more poetic vibe, especially when the guitar comes into play – and the whole thing is instrumental, with titles that include "Ballade", "Aplysia Depilans", "Promenade Avec Les Poissons", "Les Epaves", and "Descente Dans Ce Monde Inconnu" DustyGroove

Lyonesse ‎– Cantique (1975, LP, Italy)

Italian medieval psych folk

November 03, 2018

Robert Webb ‎– Liquorish Allsorts (2014, CD, England)

Risultati immagini per Robert Webb ‎Liquorice Allsorts
First solo album by the keyboard player of the legendary progressive rock group England. Includes recordings covering over 40 years of Robert's career.

"Robert Webb was the main music-writing contributor on England's highly-acclaimed album ”Garden Shed” in the 70's. Yet, as both keyboard player and vocalist the story doesn’t end there.
Robert’s music-making career has taken many twists and turns: from pop to rock, rock to baroque, film music to theatrical music, and from cover bands to jazz choir arrangements. As Robert himself has said, “my intent has always been either to make pop music more artistic, or art music more popular”.
”Liqourish Allsorts” includes recordings covering over 40 years. The album has brought together various recordings from Robert's work in the field: from early studio sessions, through unreleased home recordings and onto current music work. The latter include rock band performances by England, Baroque Nouveau and The Samurai of Prog." (CDbaby)