August 11, 2019

Enrico Intra ‎– Messa D'Oggi (1970, LP, Italy)

Lato A
A1 Introito
A2 Kirie Eleison
A3 Gloria
A4 1a Lettura
A5 Alleluia
A6 2a Lettura
A7 Alleluia
Lato B
B1 Credo
B2 Canto Dell'Offerta
B3 Santo
B4 La Consacrazione
B5 Comunio
B6 Congedo

Bass – Bruno Crovetto
Cello – Carlo Milano
Flute – Giancarlo Barigozzi
Organ – Gianni Zilioli
Percussion – Carlo Sola
Piano – Enrico Intra
Vocals – Banny Foy
Written-By – Ennio Franco Celant

Eugenio Miccini ‎– Concerti Di Poesia (1983, LP, Italy)

Side A
A1. Melodramma Per Acqua, Tosse E Poco Più, 1966 (19:00)
A2. Commutazione Di Comunicazione Di Commutazione, 1979 (3:00)
A3. Il Soma,  1981 (3:00)
Side B
B1. Alfabeto, 1978 (15:00)
B2. Erotica, 1982 (9:00)

Vibrazioni del Sonoro
Gatefold cover with English and Italian text by Eugenio Miccini.
Supplement to Lotta Poetica N.14
Recorded at B&B Record Studio, Verona, Italy.

While many sound poetry albums may sound like a good idea in theory (especially if you've got a thing for flipped out vocalists) the reality of actually sitting with one is often as enticing as a dry hump with a hair shirt. That however is not the case here, or at least not with the jarringly odd A side (the flip side being a bit of a wash unless you get aroused by the idea of someone holding down the FF button on a cassette deck). Miccini was something like the grand old man of Visual Poetry in Italy during his life; an art practice that involved collapsing together words, figures, signs and symbols. A similar set of aesthetic collisions and elisions is in evidence here, as ancient tinny gramophones underpin increasingly hectic stereo-panned recitation en route to what sounds like armageddon in a clock making factory. (Mutant Sound)

L'Empire Des Sons ‎– Le Saucisson De Mer (1990, CD, France)

Risultati immagini per L'Empire Des Sons ‎– Le Saucisson De Mer
1. Dernière Nouvelles De Zélande (3:55)
2. Les Merveilles Du Monde (3:41)
3. Le Saucisson De Mer (4:09)
4. Commencez Sans Moi (4:10)
5. Mañana Era Otra Dia (4:27)
6. Cul-De-Sac Calcutta (3:02)
7. Trahit Sus Quemque Voluptas (4:14)
8. Au Sommet De La Tour Eiffel (2:45)
9. La Reine Acariâtre (4:18)
10. Un Bonheur Sans Nuages (3:08)
Extraits Des 4 Saisons De Jack L'Entier
11. L'Hiver: Ecoutez Le Bruit Du Chasse-Neige Au Col Du Grand Bois (1:57)
12. Léon En Automne (1:57)

Bass Guitar – Christiane Cohade
Drums, Keyboards, Vibraphone, Concertina, Vocals – Isabelle Lentin
Drums, Vocals, Keyboards, Vibraphone, Percussion – Dominique Lentin
Guitar – André Duchesne (tracks: 6), François Nicol (tracks: 5)
Keyboards – Daniel Hoffmann (tracks: 11b)
Vocals, Keyboards, Vibraphone – Bip Redon

August 03, 2019


IV serie
Amaia Zubiria + Pascal Gaigne ‎– Egun Argi Hartan (1985, LP, Spain)
Head – Blackpool Cool (1977, LP, Scotland)
Croma - Doble Cos (1979, Spain)
Eider Stellaire - Eider Stellaire (1981, LP, France)
Magma ‎– Theusz Hamtaahk Trilogie (2001, 3xCD Box Set, France)
5uu's - Live in Bologna, Italy 1995
Piano Conclave ‎– Palais Anthology (1975, LP, Germany)
Vortex – 1975-1979 (2003, 2xCD, France)

III serie
Amedeo Tommasi ‎– Il Flauto - Servizi Speciali N. 1 (1969, LP, Italy)
Amedeo Tommasi ‎– Thomas (1970, LP, Italy)
Amedeo Tommasi ‎– Zodiac (1970, LP, Italy)
Amedeo Tommasi ‎– The Sound (1970, LP, Italy)
Amedeo Tommasi ‎– High Tension (1980, LP, Italy)
Amedeo Tommasi ‎– Arte E Rinascimento (1983, LP, Italy)
Amedeo Tommasi ‎– Grandangolo (1981, LP, Italy)
Egisto Macchi ‎– Voix (1975, LP, Italy)

II serie
Oz Quartet ‎– Instant (1983, LP, France)
Daniela Casa ‎– Società Malata (1975, LP, Italy)
Raul Lovisoni ‎– La Gnôve Lune (1980, LP, Italy)
Zoikhem ‎– Vox Clamantis In Deserto (1997, CD, France)
Pop-Liisa 2 ‎– Jukka Hauru & Superkings (1973, LP, Finland)
Pop-Liisa 3 ‎– Wigwam (1973, LP, Finland)
Antonio Riccardo Luciani ‎– Europa 1930-1940 (1975, LP, Italy)

I serie
Shadowfax ‎– The lost Years (1978, Unreleased, Usa)
Hellebore ‎– Musique nouvelle (1983, Tape, France)
Cuarto Menguante ‎– Rompehielos (1980, LP, Spain)
Pan Brumisti ‎– I Padroni Della Città (1976, LP, Italy)

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July 29, 2019

The Trip ‎– Prog Exhibition 2010 (Live In Rome) (2014, CD)

1. Atlantide (5:31)
2. Evoluzione (3:24)
3. Caronte (6:12)
4. Two Brothers (5:30)
5. Ode A J. Hendrix (4:26)
6. Medley: Ora X / Analisi (7:27)
7. Medley: Distruzione / Il Vuoto (7:45)

Vocals, Bass – Wegg Andersen
Vocals, Drums, Percussion – Furio Chirico
Vocals, Keyboards – Jo Vescovi

Michel F. Côté, Tiari Kese ‎– Botul à la campagne (2014, CD, Canada)

1. Anasthasia sur l’herbe (5:52)
2. Sexe sous un arbre (6:50)
3. Ampleur métaphysique du nous (5:05)
4. Bain de grâces (4:25)
5. Chant de chasse à l’ancienne (5:10)
6. Esthétique de l’indifférence (3:52)
7. L’inaction console de tout (5:28)
8. Bain de grâces (vues de loin) (0:55)

Bass Flute, Flute – Jean Derome (tracks: 2, 4, 6, 8)
Drums, Electronics, Percussion, Keyboards, Lap Steel Guitar, Composed By – Michel F. Côté
Piano, Organ, Strings, French Horn, Composed By – Tiari Kese
Sampler – Rick Temeh (tracks: 3, 5)
Trumpet – Ellwood Epps (tracks: 2, 4, 8)
Vocals – Alanna Kraaijeveld (tracks: 1)

Experimental artist Michel F. Côté teams up with Tiari Kese for the release of ‘Botul à La Campagne’, his first album released through Squint Fucker Press. The new album sees Côté and Kese teaming up to offer a highly experimental musical experience, combining different elements of varying genres to great effect. Much of the album indulges in experimental notions, though elements of ambient, classical and jazz seem to seamlessly work their way into the tracks, offering up a very enjoyable album experience. There’s arguably a more subtle element to ‘Botul à La Campagne’, which never seems to overstep its mark at any point.

‘Botul à La Campagne’ offers up an interesting album experience, and one that leans towards the more accessible side of experimental music. Elements of different genres all come into play across the various tracks, though the album itself as a whole presents itself as a musical experience not limited by its own genres. The whole album seems to defy conventional genre classification in favour of pure creative experimental compositions. There seems to be elements of improvisation on the album, as could be expected of Côté, though at the same time there also seems to be real direction, and vision.

This latest release from Côté and Kese offers up an incredible musical experience, and one that seems to be oddly accessible for an album released through Squint Fucker Press. The album’s experimental notions do make the album a little odd in places, and thus this is perhaps a release that’s not for everyone, but those who are familiar with Côté’s work, and are open to his many different ideas and visions, expressed through his musical techniques, will most likely find ‘Botul à La Campagne’ to be one of the best releases this artist has to offer.

There’s an incredible amount being offered up on ‘Botul à La Campagne’, which takes ideas and brings out so much that the average musician wouldn’t think to do. Côté and Kese both manage to brilliantly bring forth so many different ideas and techniques, and string them all together into one coherent album package that just works. ‘Botul à La Campagne’ sees jazz music turn into dark ambient music turn into classical music without any notion or indication whatsoever. There’s some wonderful ideas being presented on the album, most of which work incredibly well and result in one of Squint Fucker Press’ most interesting album releases thus far. (The CD Critic)