March 24, 2019

Giant Step ‎– Persada Tercinta (1978, Cassette / LP promo, Indonesia)

Giant Step "Persada Tercinta" 1978 Private Second Lp Itama Tara label Indonesian Psych Pop Rock

Tape A
A1 Persada Tercinta
A2 Nelayan
A3 Prasangka
A4 Penyair Dan Pelukis
Tape B
B1 Sekuntum Bunga
B2 Bingung
B3 Fata Morgana

Songwriter – Albert Warnerin (tracks: A1,A4,B1,B3), Benny Soebardja (tracks: A1,A2), Haddy Arief (tracks: A3), Soman Lubis Almarhum* (tracks: B2), Triawan* (tracks: A3)
Vocals – Albert* (tracks: A1-A4,B1,B3), Benny* (tracks: A1-A4,B2,B3), Erwin* (tracks: B1), Haddy* (tracks: A3)

Earthrise - Day 2 (2017, CD-R, Usa)

1. Inside My Dream (5:14)
2. Beowulf (3:44)
3. Magic Waterfall (5:43)
4. Reverie (5:43)
5. Tracking The Gryphon (5:35)
6. The Challenge (7:05)

Bill Drobile - Keyboards, Guitar, Vocals
Kenn Pierog - Bass, Guitar, Vocals
Greg DiDonato - Drums

The year is 1975, the first golden era of Prog is at it's peak and three American musicians Kenn Pierog (Bass), Bill Drobile (Keys) and Greg DiDonato (Drums) decide to form a band that will be called EARTHRISE, a clear reference to the name of a CAMEL song even though they considered themselves more in the style of EL&P.
The band starts to play mostly live, but in 1977 in a small studio they release their first album just called Earthrise, but being that this was the first big project of the studio, they were disappointed with the thin sound of the album, so they only pressed 400 copies, some of which were sold and others were given to friends and after some gigs the bad splits in 1979 without recording a new album.
But the surprises begin, Earthrise becomes a collector's issue, reaching prices of $ 800.oo to $ 1,000.oo in auctions, and hidden fans contact the band asking for new albums that didn't existed.So in the year 2000 the band is reformed and they decide to make a new recording of the original music, sadly this was a huge problem, but being that people kept calling and the master tapes were missing, they make a remastered CDR from an old vinyl, that is being sold in their site with some success. Now, they have decided to release a new record, but the project is still on stand by.
I had heard that EARTHRISE was mostly an EL&P clone, but this is unfair,from the Youtube videos, I hear }some sort of CAMEL oriented band (More alive than CAMEL of course), with a massive use of Hammond Organ and keyboards that reminds a bit of EL&P, but in general terms is quite an original and fresh sound despite the years passed. A very good band that deserved a different fate.

The Plastic People Of The Universe ‎– Hovězí Porážka (1984, CD, Czech Republic)

1. Sel pro krev
2. Prasinec
3. Kanárek
4. Nenávist vola k řeznickýmu psu
5. Petřín
6. Moucha v ranním pivě
7. Bleskem do hlavy
8. Spatná věc
9. Papírový hlavy

Milan Hlavsa / bass [1-9], guitar [5, 6], vocals [1, 3-5, 7-9]
Josef Janíček / keyboard [1-9], synthesizer Korg [3-8], vocals [1, 2, 5, 8]
Jiří Kabes / viola [1-9], vocals [6, 7]
Jan Brabec / drums [1-9], vocals [7]
Ladislav Lestina / violin [1-9]
Václav Stádník / bass-clarinet [1, 3, 4, 7], flute [2, 5, 6, 8, 9]
Petr Placák / clarinet [1, 3-7], bass-clarinet [2]
Milan Schelinger / guitar [8]
Vratislav Brabenec / alto saxophone [9]

Recordings were made at:
[1-8]: Jan Brabec parents’ house, Praha-Zbraslav, second half of 1983 (basic tracks) and Josef Janíček’s flat, Praha-Nové Město, January 1984 (vocals, guitars, wind [instruments] and partially keyboards)
[9]: Jan Brabec parents’ house, Praha-Zbraslav, 27 March 1982 (basic tracks) and Josef Janíček’s flat, Praha-Nové Město, January 1984 (vocals)

The Plastic People Of The Universe ‎– Jak Bude Po Smrti (1979, CD, Czech Republic)

1. Jak bude po smrti (21:34)
2. Slavná Nemesis (16:40)
3. Jsem absolutní vůle (6:52)

Milan Hlavsa / bass, vocal
Vratislav Brabenec / alto saxophone, reed-pipe [2], vocals [1]
Josef Janíček / keyboard, vocals [1]
Jiří Kabes / viola, vocals [3]
Jan Brabec / drums

Recorded live in Nová Víska, October 1979. First released in 1992 as “Slavná Nemesis”.

The Plastic People Of The Universe ‎– Pašijové Hry Velikonoční/Passion Play (1980, CD, Czech Republic)

1. Exodus 12 (2:17)
2. Nebo Jití Jest Hospodinovo / For It Is The Lord's Passover (7:00)
3. Kázání Na Hoře / Sermon On The Mount (4:50)
4. Nepotřebujeme Krále / What Need Have We Of A King (3:32)
5. Čist Jsem Od Krve / I Am Innocent Of The Blood (1:20)
6. Zhřesil Jsem / I Have Sinned (5:21)
7. Trojjediná / Trinity (4:49)
8. Otče / Father! (10:39)
9. Noc Temná / Dark Night (9:08)

Recorded at Václav Havel’s house, Hrádeček, May 1978

The Plastic People Of The Universe ‎– Kolejnice Duní (1982, CD, Czech Republic)

1. 100 bodů (28:16)
2. Dopis Magorovi (19:43)
3. Phil Esposito (8:40)
4. Metastáze (6:58)
5. Kolejnice duní (2:54)
6. Sociálně blízcí (6:30)

Records were realized: [1]: Probably Václav Havel's House, Hrádeček, autumn 1977
[2]: Václav Havel's house, Hrádeček, May 1978
[3]: Věra Jirousová & Jiří Němec's house, Praha-Nové Město, 1979
[4-6]: Jan Brabec Parent's house, Praha-Zbraslav, March 1982

Mastering: Image Studios, April/ May 2000