September 15, 2008


Great rare and obscure Canterbury group consist in the "GROUP ONE" plays on 1/3/7 tracks: Phil John (bass, backing vocals), Nigel Harris (Drums, percussion), Charlie Summers (guitars, vocal, flageolets, organ), Simon Smith (Backing vocals, organ), Spike Reptile (violin, guitar, voices), Ben Wilson (backing vocals); The "GROUP TWO" plays on reest of album are: Jake Bowie (fretless bass), Elaine Morgan (lead-backing vocals), Pip Pyle (drums), Charlie Summers (guitars, vocals), James Driscoll Junior (vocal).
Tracklist: 1.Listening To My Neighbour Singing 2.Sexist Conversation 3.Social Workers 4.Hollow Cost 5.Make Sure Your Garage Is Large Enough 6.Stabbing Cats 7.CS's 8.Look Mum No Hands (Parts 1-3) 9.A Large Lounge And Yawn.


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Anonymous said...

Could you check if the link works properly ? I tried to download the file many times, but Zshare behaves like endless loop.
Anyway, you have very nice blog. Thanks for other albums.

paddy eason said...

Cool - I have this on vinyl, and went to art college with a girl that took the back cover photo (Karen Madsen). It's a very odd album! In a good way.

Norm said...

The link has indeed gone dead, just "loops" which is what z-share does when the file it is trying to access is no longer there. Is it possible for you to re-up it again? Thanks!! Norman

Jack said...

File not found!!!

bananamour said...

Thank you very much for posting this rare gem. I have this album but now I'll be able to listening to it everywhere.
Please note: maybe the order iof the tracks is inverted between the a-side and the b-side... and there is an extra track (?): 10 tracks inside of 9...

Anonymous said...

To whoever is concerned! Here's ONE (and I restrict myself to one) reason why I hate blogs. No one cares about anything! For those who happened to like this record, I'm at the regret to inform you that the track list is NOT respecting what you have on the album (for ex. track 7 is track 2 on the album and so on ...). Anyway, I'm talking for nothing! The only thing that bloggers like is to FEEL they have got something free, well you have! But it's not properly done, so you've got real shit for free, enjoy and keep on polluting internet with your greed at any cost!

Anonymous said...

First things first, this is a wonderful album which deserves a proper CD release. I wonder why a label like Burning Shed hasn't picked it up...

As for the tagging/track list issues, I think I've worked it all out by matching lyrics to song titles - thank god it's not an instrumental album! Sides A and B are obviously in the wrong order, but in addition we have the problem of the "extra" track. Thus:

01 = 06 – Stabbing Cats
02 = 07 – CS's
03 = 08 – Look Mum No Hands Parts 1-3
04 = ?
05 = 09 – A Large Lounge and a Yawn
06 = 01 – Listening to my Neighbour
07 = 02 – Sexist Conversation
08 = 03 – Social Workers
09 = 04 – Hollow Cost
10 = 05 – Make Sure Your Garage is Large Enough

My guess is that the unidentified track between "Look No Hands" and "A Large Lounge" is actually part 3 of "Look No Hands", so I've tacked it onto the end of that track. HTH.

Anonymous said...

Rapidshare link is dead. Here's a mirror link, with the correct track listing:

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, the link is dead again.
Could you fix it?