July 23, 2007


ETHOS were an excellent 70’s US based 4 piece prog rock band whose second album “Open Up” remains a landmark album for this music lover. Fans of classic 70’s prog will love this album with their great epic passages (a la YES) with complex syncopation (aka SPOCK'S BEARD, GENTLE GIANT and KING CRIMSON) and pastoral moments full of the glorious mellotron. In many ways they remind me musically of a cross of FIREBALLET and YES. ETHOS were Brad Stephenson (bass, string bass, moog bass pedals), Mark Richards (percussion, moog drums), Michael Ponczek (mini moog, poly-moog, Hammond, organ, Rhodes piano, mellotron) and Wil Sharpe (acoustic and electric guitars). Their overall sound is full and rich with some real creative and challenging parts yet controlled and highly symphonic. A truely amazing little album that I recommed to all prog rock lovers. (James Unger).
1. Pimp city (7:26)
2. Start anew (3:22)
3. U.V. Melody (0:32)
4. Memories (7:08)
5. The players (Of the game) (5:49)
6. Marathon II (5:24)
7. Sedona (4:07)
8. Close your eyes (5:45)
Michael Ponczek (keyboards), Mark Richards (percussion), Will sharpe (guitars, voice), Brad Stephenson (bass, voice).
"Open up" degli Ethos, è uno dei migliori album di prog sinfonico americano. Disco che segue "Ardour" del 1976 dove si intuiscono immediatamente le influenze dei Gentle Giant, Yes, Genesis e King Crimson pur mantenendo comunque una propria originalità, ancora più marcata, appunto, in questo secondo lavoro, più maturo a livello compositivo e negli arrangiamenti. Da segnalare, a testimonianza del valore del gruppo la partecipazione come supporter nelle turnè americane di Yes e King Crimson. Purtroppo "Open Up" non è mai stato ristampato su cd; esiste solo una edizione su Tachika Records, registrazione proveniente da vinile. Vivamente consigliato agli amanti del prog classico, o meglio della buona musica..
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Listener from Fort Wayne Indiana.
Great to hear the music of Ethos once again!!
Do you have Ethos Ardour the previous years release in Rar file?
I will attempt to make available Ethos Relics their most recent release available on you tube with rare pictures of the band.
Thanks in advance.

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