November 28, 2009

Mamma Non Piangere - N.1 (Musica bestiame e benessere) (1979, LP, Italy) Re-up!

Songs: 1. Armonia E Gelosia (3:32) 2. Il Bambino Luigino (4:09) 3. Lasciati Baciare (4:00) 4. Catarro Cosmico (9:59) 5. Osvaldo (7:00) 6. L'Aperta Verita (4:14) 7. Mamma Non Piangere (9:17) 8. Ballatelo Questo Ritmo (1:57)
Musicians: Lorenzo Leddi (Guitars, mandolin, violin, vocals), Maurizio Bezzi (Saxophone), Sonia Milan (Vocals, guitar, bass, glockenspiel, mandolin), Nicola Scarano (Drums, percussion, guitar, bass). original post

Mamma Non Piangere - N.2 (Sempre avanti a testa bassa) (1980, LP, Italy) Re-up!

Songs: My Sharona (1:06) 2. Un cactus nel bidè (5:37) 3. Gemini tre (6:11) 4. L'ora esatta (3:52) 5. Gloria (gloria al signore) (3:13) 6. La fuga al polo (6:31) 7. E' utile la gelosia (6:30) 8. Il valzer del buon umore (2:43) 9. La ruota su di sè (2:28).
Musicians: Lorenzo Leddi (Guitars, mandolin, violin, keyboards, vocals), Giorgia Marzano (Vocals, sax), Roberto Meroni (Sax, clarinet), Luca Perreca (Bass, cello), Giorgio Battaglia (Drums, percussion).original post

November 23, 2009

MAGMA "Ëmëhntëhtt-Ré" (2009, France)

Tracklist: 1. Ëmëhntëhtt-Ré I (6:53) 2. Ëmëhntëhtt-Ré II (22:25) 3. Ëmëhntëhtt-Ré III (13:06)4. Ëmëhntëhtt-Ré IV (3:54) 5. Funëhrarïum Kahnt (4:19) 6. Sêhë (0:27).

November 14, 2009

EIDER STELLAIRE - Eider Stellaire (1981, LP, France)

Eider Stellaire was founded in 1980 by drummer Michel Le Bars which played in Offering. The group had a previous incarnation under the name of Astarte, in which were 3 members of Eider's lineup - Michel Le Bars (drums), Patrick Sinergy (bass) and Jean-Claude Delachat (guitar). This lineup existed for 3 years. They separated in the beginning of 1980 and reformed at the end of that year as Eider Stellaire with several new members. Pierre-Gerard Hirne (piano, organ) was able to perform on piano the new musical ideas they wanted to develop. Veronique Perrault joined in as a vocalist. This line up along with Marrie-Anne Boda (flute, vocals) and Michel Moindre (saxophone) as guests, recorded their first and excellent self titled album. This album had the sound they were after but several more lineup changes occurred. Pierre Minvielle entered as the keyboards player, Ann Stewart (Shub Niggurath) became the vocalist, Frank Coulaud joined forces with Le Bars as percussionist and finally Marie-Anne Le Bars played the flute. This lineup recorded the second album released in 1986 and also named Eider Stellaire (therefore it is referred to as Eider II). Though perceived as more accessible than the first one, those two albums define the unique sound of Elder Stellaire: The Zeuhl influence from Magma (prominent bass and drums parts) spiced up with fierceness, only not as theatrical and somewhat similar to Eskaton's approach, and with a generous amount of jazz-rock. They recorded their third and last album called Eider III in 1987. Their albums have not yet been released on CD and the vinyl records are hard to come by and expensive. The first two albums are highly recommended for Zeuhl fans, especially those into Eskaton. (progarchives) Tracklist: 1. Onde (8:35) 2. Arctis 6 Ephemeride (7:07) 3. Legende (5:48) 4. Tetra (6:34) 5. Nihil (7:35) Line-up/ Musicians: Patrick Singery (bass), Jean Clude Delachat (guitar), Pierre Gerard-Hirne (piano, organ), Michel LeBards (drums), Veronique Perrault (vocals), Marie-Anne Boda (flute, vocals), Michel Moindre (saxophone track 4). Link removed by request

EIDER STELLAIRE - II (1986, LP, France)

Tracklist: 1. Ring (5:08) 2. Aretis (6:15) 3. Knowa riviere de lune (0:34) 4. Fferlyit (7:14) 5. Célébration de l'eau (5:07) 6. Retour des champs (3:28) Line-up/ Musicians: Michel Le Bars (drums), Patrick Sinergy (bass), Jean-Claude Delachat (guitars), Frank Coulaud (percussion), Pierre Minevielle (synthesizer), Ann Stewart (vocals), Marie-Anne Le Bars (flute). Link removed by request

EIDER STELLAIRE - III (1987, LP, France)

Tracklist: 1. Nihil (10:23) 2. L'encre des litanies (10:23) 3. Sans repose (9:42) Line-up/ Musicians: Isabelle Nuffer (piano), Franck Coulard (electric piano), Michel Le Bars (drums), Jean-Claude Delachat (guitar), Patrick Singery (bass). Link removed by request

EIDER STELLAIRE - IV (1988, Unreleased album)

Link removed by request

November 07, 2009


Boxset released in 2005, 5 CD included the 3 Decca albums and 2 CDs with unreleased Material/ Limited Edition 3000 copies.

CD1: "Kaipa"
1. Musiken är ljuset (7:04) 2. Saker har två sidor (4:34) 3. Ankaret (8:40) 4. Skogspromenad (3:40) 5. Allting har en början (3:12) 6. Se var morgon gry (8:53) 7. Förlorad i Istanbul (2:24) 8. Oceaner föder liv (9:28) Bonus tracks: 9. Från det ena till det andra (2:49) 10. Karavan (2:54)
Ingemar Bergman / drums, percussion, vocal- Tomas Eriksson / bass, vocal- Hans Lundin / Hammond organ, Fender Rhodes electric piano, Grand piano, Yamaha SY1 Synthesizer, Harpsichord, Logan String-machine, Glockenspiel, lead vocal- Roine Stolt / electric and acoustic guitars, vocal.
1. Skenet bedrar (21:41) a) Uppvaknandet 2:43 b) Bitterheten 3:10 c) Hoppfullheten 4:44 d) Överheten 8:12 e) Vilseledd 2:52 2. Ömsom sken (3:17) 3. Korståg (5:19) 4. Stengrodornas parad (0:56) 5. Dagens port (2:34) 6. Inget nytt under solen (6:10) Bonus tracks: 7. Awakening/Bitterness (6:10) 8. How might I say out clearly (3:38) 9. The gate of day (2:26) 10. Blow hard all tradewinds (6:18)
Ingemar Bergman / drums, temple blocks, rattle & vocals- Tomas Eriksson / bass, synth-bass & voice of the Almighty- Hans Lundin / Hammond organ, Grand piano, Fender Rhodes electric piano, Mellotron, Yamaha & Korg synthesizers, Logan string machine, Hohner Clavinet, vibes, marimba, prepared piano & lead vocal- Roine Stolt / electric guitar, 6 and 12-string acoustic guitar and rattle- Lars Hoflund / lead vocal on tracks 7, 9 & 10.
CD3: "Solo"
1. Den skrattande grevinnan (4:46) 2. Sen repris (3:22) 3. Flytet (2:46) 4. Anar dig (4:05) 5. Frog funk (3:35) 6. Visan i sommaren (3:35) 7. Tajgan (3:25) 8. Respektera min värld (6:16) 9. En igelkotts död (3:40) 10. Total förvirring (7:25)11. Sist på plan (7:38)
Ingemar Bergman / drums, percussion, laughing- Mats Lindberg / bass, Moog Taurus pedals, percussion- Hans Lundin / Hammond organ, Fender Rhodes electric piano, grand piano, Mellotron, Mini and polymoog synths, Korg String 2000, Hohner Clavinet, vocal - Mats Löfgren / lead vocal, percussionRoine Stolt: 6 and 12-string electric guitars, acoustic guitars, guitar-synthesizer, percussion, vocal.
CD 4: "Kaipa live"
1. Total förvirring (8:42) 2. Skenet bedrar (16:29) 3. Visan i sommaren (3:23) 4. En igelkotts död/Ömsom sken (4:35) 5. Inget nytt under solen (8:02) 6. Copenhagen House-jam (5:48) 7. Flytet (2:54) 8. Musiken är ljuset (7:30) 9. Se var morgon gry (9:13) 10. Noice-village-stone-frog (5:49) 11. Oceaner föder liv (End part) (7:05)
Track 1-7 recorded at "Huset" Copenhagen Denmark 78.05.25Track 8-9 recorded at "Östanåskolan" Eksjö Sweden 76.03.02 Track 10 recorded at "Bullerbyn" Stockholm Sweden 77.04.07 Track 11 recorded at "Stenungsundsgymnasiet" Stenungsund Sweden 77.04.27
Track 1-7 recorded at "Huset" Copenhagen Denmark 78.05.25- Ingemar Bergman / drums- Mats Lindberg / bass, 12-string electric guitar, Moog Taurus pedals- Hans Lundin / Fender Rhodes, Minimoog, Crumar organ, Korg String 2000, vocal- Mats Löfgren / vocal, electric guitar, percussion, glockenspiel- Roine Stolt / electric guitar
Track 8-9 recorded at "Östanåskolan" Eksjö Sweden 76.03.02 Track 10 recorded at "Bullerbyn" Stockholm Sweden 77.04.07 Track 11 recorded at "Stenungsundsgymnasiet" Stenungsund Sweden 77.04.27 - Ingemar Bergman / drums, vocal- Tomas Eriksson / bass, vocal- Hans Lundin / Hammond organ, Fender Rhodes, Yamaha SY synthesizer, Logan string-machine, vocal- Roine Stolt / electric guitar, Talk-box.
1. Saker har två sidor (6:44) 2. Under stora gröna träd (3:01) 3. På färd (12:32) 4. Taktus (3:47) 5. Folke 2 (1:38) 6. Allting har sin början genom solen (5:07) 7. Cirrus (1:07) 8. Akrobaternas flykt (5:50) 9. Akrobaternas dans (2:31) (Homage to Samla Mammas Manna) 10. Nattens affär (4:06) 11. Karavan (2:51)
Ingemar Bergman / drums & vocal- Tomas Eriksson / bass & vocal- Hans Lundin / Hammond organ, Wurlitzer electric piano, Davoli synthesizer & vocal- Roine Stolt / electric guitar & vocal.

August 24, 2009

Wobbler - Afterglow (2009, Norway)

Retro-styled symphonic progressive rock in the classic style of Yes, Genesis, Gentle Giant, ELP, Gryphon, PFM and King Crimson, brimming with mellotrons, minimoog and with an authentic 70's style production. First album sold 10.000 copies, played Nearfest 2005 and most other major prog festivals around the world. Band features members of White Willow, Jaga Jazzist, Xploding Plastix and Shining. Debut album made most "prog album of 2005" lists, and got rave reviews. "Afterglow" is definitely one of the most anticipated prog releases of 2009.

Itibere Orquestra Familia - Pedra do Espia (2001, Brazil)

Violins, viola, cello, piano, melodica, flutes, sax, trombone, cavaquinho, mandolin, electric bass, drums, percussion, and voice all blend together in this non-conventional orchestra. The group doesn't use scores nor Itiberê the traditional baton - music parts are written after they are learned, and serve only as a record - the musicians play by heart. Breaking through the boundaries that separate popular and classical music, Itiberê Orquestra Família's music features universality, the greatest asset of "Escola Jabour", by Hermeto Pascoal.
1 - 2

August 18, 2009

Patrizio Fariselli project - Lupi sintetici e strumenti a gas (2001, Italy)

Tracklist: 1. Pangea 2. Lupi sintetici e strumenti a gas 3. Risonanze 4. I dadi di dio 5. Signora dei viaggi 6. Felice lichene 7. Acufeni 8. 7 Bells 9. Refoli 10. Luglio agosto settembre (nero) 11. Non tira un filo d'aria 12.[13] Ah!

Personnel: Angela Baggi (voce) Giovanni Giorgi (batteria) Marco Micheli (basso elettrico e contrabbasso)Roberto Cecchetto (chitarra) Rolando Cavasassi (batteria in Felice Lichene, Signora dei viaggi e Acufeni) Massimo Manzi (batteria in Refoli) Federico Sanesi (percussioni in Refoli e 7 bells) Rocco Zifarelli (mand-oud in Pangea) Marino Paire (vocals in Pangea e Felice Lichene) TI-SHA-MAN-NAH saxophone quartet (Fabio Petretti, Stefano Fariselli, Gianluca Mattei, Carlo Fabbri, sassofoni in Luglio agosto settembre nero e Non tira un filo d'aria) Amanita Lozano (sassofono soprano in Non tira un filo d'aria) Francesco Moneti, Franco D'Aniello, Alberto Cottica dei Modena City Ramblers (violino, flauto e fisarmonica in Pangea) Roberto "Freak" Antoni (voce in Felice Lichene)

Miguel Rios - Al-Andalus (1977, Spain)

Tracklist: 1. Al-Andalus (4:56) 2.Azahara (8:40) 3.Un dia en Mojacar - Parte 1 "Con Chipo" - Parte 2 "La muerte verde" (5:54) 4.Balada de la alondra y el gavilan (6:37) 5.El cinco a las cinco (3:13) 6.Guadalquivir (4:44) 7.La blanca oscuridad (4:07)

Band: Miguel Rios: Voz, Luis Fornes: Teclados y arreglos de cuerda, Cesar Fornes: Guitarra, Tito Herrero: Bateria, Tony Aguilar: Bajo, Kamel Missaghian: Percusion, Jorge Pardo: Flauta, Andres Olaegui: Guitarras, Alvaro Yebenes: Bajo, Samia y Sabef: voces tipicas, Luis Cobo "Manglis": Guitarra en el tema (6) "Guadalquivir", Raquel (voces)

Il Berlione - In 453 minutes Infernal Cooking (1994, Japan)

Tracklist: 1. 453分間料理地獄 (正常位) - 453-punkan Ryōri Jigoku (Seijōi) [In 453 minutes Infernal Cooking (Forward)] 1:41 2. 首煮込汁 - Kubi Nikomijiru [Human Head Soup] 3:21 3. 木製オーブンレンジ - Mokusei Oven Range [Wooden Oven] 4:18 4. 大仏 - Daibutsu [Giant Image of Buddha] 11:12 5. おさる日記 - Osaru Nikki [Diary of Mr. Monkey] 2:42 6. すぱいす - Spice [Tappy's Spices] 4:18 7. ノーパンああ素晴しい美人 - Nōpan Ā Subarashii Bijin [Wow! Brilliant Beauty With No Scanties] 4:19 8. なおちゃんのきぬずれ - Naochan no Kinuzure [Nao chan's Rustling] 4:18 9. フレンチドレッシング・タブー - Frenchdressing Taboo 2:27 10. ポリエチレンの木の下で-Polyethylene no Ki no Shita de [At the Foot of Polyethylene Tree] 3:08 11. 多摩川シャッフル - Tamagawa Shuffle 6:04 12. アグ - Agu [Agoo] 3:57 13. 高円寺人情酒場 - Kōenji Ninjō Sakaba [Koenji Sake Bar] 9:15 14. 天国で地獄 - Tengoku de Jigoku [One Infernal Fact in Paradise] 6:59 15. 453分間料理地獄 (後背位) - 453-punkan Ryōri Jigoku (Kōhaii) [In 453 minutes Infernal Cooking (Backward)] 1:39

Band: Naoya Idonuma, guitar; Kazuo Ogura, bass; Hirofumi Taniguchi, keyboards; Tappi Iwase, drums; Hiroo Takano, saxophone

May 11, 2009


This post contain the complete Lp "Veci" and 2 bonus tracks (from Ep Mini jazz klub, 1976)
For more info about the complete edition see here.
1-3 EP Mini jazz klub c.
11 Panton 1976
4.-5. SP Panton 1980
6.-19. LP Veci Panton 1981
20.-23. SP Panton 1982, 1983
1.-12. LP Situace na strese Panton 1985
13. LP Rockovy maraton 1986
14.-22. unpublished recordings from Daniel Fikejz archive


1. 'O sipario (1:09) 2. Divario (2:30) 3. Rettifilo, ora di punta (4:53) 4. 'O miracolo adda' venì (3:35) 5. Tarantella po' scugnizzo (4:55) 6. Sotto e 'ncoppa (4:36) 7. 'A cozzeca (1:38) 8. 'O piscatore (6:44) 9. Porta Capuana in festa (4:00) 10. Circumvesuviana ore 7:45 (1:50) 11. Inno a Napoli ('A marcia nova) (2:20).
Personnel: Sergio Farina (Acoustic & Electric Guitar), Giorgio Baiocco (Sax, Flute, Vibraphone), Sante Palumbo (Keyboards, Fenderpiano, Moog), Gigi Cappellotto (Bass, Percussions), Tullio De Piscopo (Drums, Rototom, Congas, Armonica).

May 01, 2009


Track Listings:
1. The flight onward - Phases 1-5 (12:05)
2. Ataraxia (3:27)
3. In a state of comprehension (4:24)
4. The pilot (5:38)
5. Unity (3:31)
6. Opportunistic walk - Phases 1-2 (15:15)
7. Holistic medicine (14:51)
8. A blank page (3:08)
Total Time: 61:39
Klas Assarsson: Vibraphone, Xylophone, Bells, Chimes, Crotales, Gongs, Simmons Silicon Mallets, Timpani, Tam-Tam, Gran Cassa, Metal and Wooden Percussion, Bongos, Congas, Djembe, Dombak, Triangle and Tubular bells.
Jonas Christophs: Rhythm and Lead guitarsFredrik Emilson: Acoustic, Electric and Synthesized Basses.
Joakim Gustafsson: Violin.
Mats Johansson: Analog and Digital Synthesizers, Musical Boxes, Rainmaker, Samplers and Sound Treatments.
Kjell Severinson: Drums, Bombo Leguero, Cookie Jar, Djembe, Gongs, Scrap-Iron, Sheet Copper and Sheet Metal.

April 15, 2009


Personnel: Jean Lars (Bass Guitar), Marc Millon (Drums, Percussion, Vibraphone), Jaen-Michel Philippe (Electric & Acoustic Guitar), Jacques Lars (Electric Guitar) René-Marc Bini (Keyboards), Jean-Loup Marlaud (Saxophone Alto/Tenor, Clarinet Bass, Flute), Alain Labarsouque (Violin)
A1 Vive-Versa (6:15)
A2 Saxophonie (15:25)
B1 Gavarnie (10:28)
B2 Mandarine (9:42)

April 01, 2009


Stop Mortal, 1995, for voice, piano, violin, cello and sampler, commissioned by Musique Action Vandoeuvre, and performed at Cantiere Internazionale d'Arte di Montepulciano, Queen Elizabeth Hall London, Musique Action Vandoeuvre, Konfrontationen Festival Nickelsdorf, Nordlyd Festival, Trondheim & Bergen Ny Musikk.
With Dagmar Krause, Nicolas Hodges, Charles Mutter, Zoe Martlew, James Clapperton.


Tracklist: 1. It's Good Fun 3:41 2. Hardt 2:18 3. In The Aisles 2:13 4. Louise Sitting In A Chair 4:17 5. Beese 7:08 6. Sudden Dusk 3:59 7. Lamplight 3:14 8. Grandfather Was The Driver 3:20 9. Trees For The Forest 6:33 10. In The Midst Of Making 5:18 11. No Cows 7:05.
Great prog, one of my favorites!!!

March 28, 2009


Second and rarest album by this George Gruntz led octet that includes six keyboardists over a rhythm section and has the slow cosmic breakbeat gem "Hal-Lucy-'n-o'-One Step" with killer drumbreaks courtesy of Alphonse Mouzon. Solid album and a prime slice of progressive funky Euro jazz.
Track list:
1. Rumba Orgiastica 2. English Moxplott 3. Hymny Shimmy 4. Hal-Lucy-N-O-One-Step 5. Zookie Cookie 6. Lookie Pookie 7. Tango Teclado 8. Titty-Chickie-Fitterbug 9. Shoo-Fly-Shuffle 10. Charles Stone and Quickflip
Personnel: Gordon Beck: Fender Rhodes, Grand Piano, Human Voice; Wolfgang Dauner: Fender Rhodes, Clavinet, Synthesizer, Grand Piano, Organ; George Gruntz: Fender Rhodes, Grand Piano, Synthesizer; Joachim Kuhn: Fender Rhodes, Grand Piano; Martial Solal: Grand Piano; Jasper Van't Hof: Keyboards; John Lee: Bass; Alphonse Mouzon: Drums.

March 12, 2009


Great french prog/zeuhl band!!
Demo recorded in 2006, no more info...
Magister Dixit are: Stephane Marcaillou (Guitare, Chant, Textes et Compositions), Mélanie Fossier (Chant), Sophie Perret (Piano, Chant), Bita Rezvannia-picot (Violon), Chant Jean-Pierre Albert (Batterie), Stephan Garcia (Basse)
Tracklist: 1.Endless 2.Les potits archers 3.De Profundis (part 2) 4. De Profundis (part 3) 5. La merveille

March 11, 2009


Instrumental soundtrack for film of the same name. A masterpiece!!
Track List: 1. Zobeida (2:40) 2. Funerale (4:28) 3. 10 Giugno 1924 (4:28) 4. Quasi Saltarello (1:38) 5. Esterno Notte (Casa di Giovanna) (3:15) 6. Garofano Rosso (5:02) 7. Suggestioni Di Un Ritorno In Campagna (7:38) 8. Passeggiata In Bicicletta E Corteo Dei Dimostranti (2:53) 9. Tema Di Giovanna (2:35) 10. Siracusa: Appunti D'Epoca (2:12) 11. Notturno Breve (2:20) 12. Lasciando La Casa Antica (2:35) Total Time: 41:40



Mike on 1994's BTDS: "This was an album I very much needed to make-- an album wrenched out of my darkest depths while in the throes of an exciting variety of emotional torment, this album is a lot less goofy than hat." The result has been heralded as a masterpiece by critics and fans. Its songs have been a major part of Mike's live sets for years and head-ripping live versions are featured his 2006 Guitar Therapy Live release. BTDS has been unavailable for eons, and collectors have paid exhorbitant prices for it.
Tracklist: 1.Sooth 2.'Cause Of Breakfast 3.The Desired Effect 4.Skunk 5.I'm Glad There's Lemon-Freshened Thorax In You 6.Top Of Stove Melting 7.Aglow 8.Bryan Beller's Favorite Song 9.Deep-Fried Skinks Are Go! 10.Good Morning, Sometime 11.Them Dolphins Is Smart 12.1988 Was A Million Years Ago 13.Yep, Them Dolphins Is Smart, Alright 14.Bullys (sic) 15.My Dilemma 16.Helen Was Brash 17.Weekend 18.Land Of Broken Dreams 19.Blameless (The Floating Face) 20.That Claim-Jumping Swine, O'Bannon 21.Faithful Axe 22.Natty Trousers 23.Scotch 24.There Have Been Bad Moments 25.Frang Tang, The Valentine Bear 26.I Will 27.In The Bone World 28.The Old Boat Guy, Part One 29.The Old Boat Guy, Part Two 30.The Old Boat Guy, Part Three.

March 07, 2009


Hard-to-find but good jazz rock with a Canterbury flair at times from this Texas-based group. Lineup includes keys, guitar, bass, and drums, but various guest play woodwind and brass instruments, and there’s even a Serge modular keyboardist! A promo writeup states: “The music of Master Cylinder is a smooth blend of everything from tight ensemble composition to totally free improvisation; complex layers of polyrhythms to surging waves of pure sound; sections and bits of compostion surfacing from the flow and then redissolving".
"On the usually soulless Inner City label, Master Cylinder was anything but that. Their album has a strong melodic sense, and it seems the group must've been informed by the Canterbury groups like early Soft Machine or National Health, as well as the DC based Happy the Man. While ostensibly a jazz album, it's these rock elements that bring Master Cylinder to the next level. A very good album that time has forgot".(Thomashayes)
1. Overture 2. Isabelle 3. Elsewhere 4. Silhouette 5. Blasp 1937 6. Pllus 3 7.Hobb & Gebb


This is an album performed by a side project of Cardiacs, created by Tim Smith, Sarah Smith and William D. Drake. They later named the project The Sea Nymphs.


This largely unknown group from northern Italy has only released an album, but this can be a nice surprise to anyone into the Canterbury/Rock In Opposition sound, that only had good releases in Italy by STORMY SIX and PICCHIO DAL POZZO.Their ten-track concept album "Gran disordine sotto il cielo" has strong similarities with the english group HENRY COW in the use of the female voice of Françoise Godard and such instruments as bassoon, oboe and violin. An interesting album indeed, this deserves to be heard.
1. Per 2. Alice nel pozzo 3. Alice e le regine 4. Alice oltre lo specchio 5. Piccole voci 6. Ombre rosse 7. Per il bene della patria 8. È una notte 9. Arrivano i barbari 10. Tarantola


Great prog from Sweden, similar to Gentle Giant.
1. The Hemulic Voluntary Band 2. In The Wild 3. Late In November 4. The Groke 5. Waiting By The Bridge 6. A Dangerous Journey

January 24, 2009

ARRIGO BARNABE' - A saga de Clara Crocodilo (1999, CD, BRAZIL)

Arrigo Barnabé (September 14, 1951, Londrina, Paraná, Brazil), is a Brazilian musician and an actor. His music is best known for having a heavily experimental approach, in which the author uses dodecaphonism and atonalism as main principles of composition.


1980 - Clara Crocodilo
1984 - Tubarões Voadores
1986 - Cidade Oculta (trilha sonora)
1987 - Suspeito
1992 - Façanhas
1998 - Gigante Negão
1999 - A Saga de Clara Crocodilo
2004 - Coletânea 25 Anos de Clara Crocodilo (Includes: Clara Crocodilo, Tubarões Voadores, Gigante Negão, A Saga De Clara Crocodilo e Uma Suíte A Quatro Mãos)
2004 - Missa In Memorian Arthur Bispo do Rosário
2007 - Missa In Memorian Itamar Assumpção
2008 - Ao Vivo, em Porto

1. Aventuras em um drive-in, 2. A procura do orgasmo total, 3. Num antro sujo, 4. Meninas diferentes, 5. No cemetério, 6 I. As desventuras de um office-boy, 7 II. O monstro, 8 III. Quem cala consente, 9 IV. Labirinto, 10 V. Onde andarà Clara Crocodilo?

Arrigo Barnabé no Festival Universitário da MPB (1979)

Arrigo Barnabé no Festival Universitário da MPB - parte 2