Saturday, March 7, 2009


This largely unknown group from northern Italy has only released an album, but this can be a nice surprise to anyone into the Canterbury/Rock In Opposition sound, that only had good releases in Italy by STORMY SIX and PICCHIO DAL POZZO.Their ten-track concept album "Gran disordine sotto il cielo" has strong similarities with the english group HENRY COW in the use of the female voice of Françoise Godard and such instruments as bassoon, oboe and violin. An interesting album indeed, this deserves to be heard.
1. Per 2. Alice nel pozzo 3. Alice e le regine 4. Alice oltre lo specchio 5. Piccole voci 6. Ombre rosse 7. Per il bene della patria 8. È una notte 9. Arrivano i barbari 10. Tarantola


Anonymous said...

What a great album, my friend. Thank you very much for your great blog

Anonymous said...

i did completely forgot about this album, but in listening it, the songs returned in my mind..
Actually the lyrics are very very interesting, but the singing style is quite annoying and irritating.. btw, it's a very stimulating record...

only problem is:
the rip has only 9 songs.. what happened to the last one???


Juegos de Ben 10 said...

What a great album.

Anonymous said...

Many thanks for rare album. In my information, track 2 and 3 must be combine into one, as indeed:
01. "Per" 2:39
02. "Alice Nel Pozzo, Alice E Le Regine" 9:38
03. "Alice Oltre Lo Specchio" 2:31
04. "Piccole Voci" 6:26
05. "Ombre Rosse" 3:51
06. "Perl Il Bene Della Patria" 5:14
07. "E Una Notte" 5:42
08. "Arrivano I Barbari" 4:08
09. "Tarantola" 2:3701. "Per" 2:39