August 24, 2009

Wobbler - Afterglow (2009, Norway)

Retro-styled symphonic progressive rock in the classic style of Yes, Genesis, Gentle Giant, ELP, Gryphon, PFM and King Crimson, brimming with mellotrons, minimoog and with an authentic 70's style production. First album sold 10.000 copies, played Nearfest 2005 and most other major prog festivals around the world. Band features members of White Willow, Jaga Jazzist, Xploding Plastix and Shining. Debut album made most "prog album of 2005" lists, and got rave reviews. "Afterglow" is definitely one of the most anticipated prog releases of 2009.


Anonymous said...

I have their first album and is really great. Where is the link for this one?


Anonymous said...

Stop immediately to post links to commercially available items before you get serious juridic problems! You are NOT helping the artists or the music branch, just the greedy a......s who want ALL for free. The international copyright agency is informed and you are risking your PRIVATE situation if you keep on posting anything like a stupid fly!


Anonymous said...

Piracy is bad for the music industry - the (m)ass music industry, that is. Smaller branches like prog only profit with file sharing. Until there is a prog radio station in every country broadcasting in every coffee shop, file sharing is about the only way to get information of new bands. The counter argument "records are downloaded 100 times more than bought from stores" goes down with the fact that people in general listen music more than they buy it. It would be funny to make people buy every piece of music they listen.

Imnotanonymous said...

I totally agree with the second anonymous... and about the first anonymous: you positively are 1)a servant of the mass media great industries, or 2)an asshole aka a pain in the ass, aka a perfect stupid.

Bye and keep the good working!