March 28, 2009


Second and rarest album by this George Gruntz led octet that includes six keyboardists over a rhythm section and has the slow cosmic breakbeat gem "Hal-Lucy-'n-o'-One Step" with killer drumbreaks courtesy of Alphonse Mouzon. Solid album and a prime slice of progressive funky Euro jazz.
Track list:
1. Rumba Orgiastica 2. English Moxplott 3. Hymny Shimmy 4. Hal-Lucy-N-O-One-Step 5. Zookie Cookie 6. Lookie Pookie 7. Tango Teclado 8. Titty-Chickie-Fitterbug 9. Shoo-Fly-Shuffle 10. Charles Stone and Quickflip
Personnel: Gordon Beck: Fender Rhodes, Grand Piano, Human Voice; Wolfgang Dauner: Fender Rhodes, Clavinet, Synthesizer, Grand Piano, Organ; George Gruntz: Fender Rhodes, Grand Piano, Synthesizer; Joachim Kuhn: Fender Rhodes, Grand Piano; Martial Solal: Grand Piano; Jasper Van't Hof: Keyboards; John Lee: Bass; Alphonse Mouzon: Drums.


icastico said...

I used to have a few Joachim Kuhn recordings I liked...I'll have to check this one out. Sounds over the top.

Marc said...

Another J. Kuhn fan here. Just D/L'd this one... I hope I like it! THANKS again for sharing!

Erberken said...

The file is not working.

kimberly said...

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