Saturday, July 22, 2017

JABLKON ‎– Baba Aga (1992, Czech Republic)

Briljant masters of a highly original acoustic blend of atypical Czech folk jazz with a classical streak. Either name them classically well trained musicians or real entertainers, but they're not a rock band (unlike their countrymen Uz Jsme Doma). "Baba Aga"is probably their most striking (and mystical) effort. During the nineties I saw them a couple of times at very small venues and during small open air festivals. Live they were an intriguing band to see collaborating and connecting with the audience. As many people did: try and enjoy! RYM

BARABBA - Canti dal Vangelo Secondo Barabba (1977, LP, Italy)

While early RPI bands loved their British heroes, particularly the dark, difficult, and heavy textures of VDGG and Deep Purple in my opinion, they took the influences of those bands and created highly diverse and original material throughout the following years. As the site genre definition notes there's a unique sound stamp, musical depth, and independence to the RPI bench which becomes apparent after you listen to the hundreds of lesser known albums...get past believing that PFM alone represent RPI. The genre is very far from wannabe British clone. Here is another of so many cases in point. Barabba is an obscure Turin-based project spearheaded by Circus 2000 guitarist Marcello "Spooky" Quartarone and features musicians from Arti & Mestieri, Living Life, and Venegoni & Co. Quartarone's music was married to lyrics written by students in an attempt to create a conceptual album based on Gospel themes. Little other information is out there concerning the project, though be sure to review Todd's bio for what he dug up. Finnforest

ALCO FRISBASS ‎– Alco Frisbass (2015, France)

A new rousing episode of pure Canterbury-sound on Fading Records! Alco Frisbass from France advances a spectacular combination of elegant melodies and melting riffs revisiting the best Canterbury’s scenes with the support of: Jacob Holm Lupo (White Willow), Paolo “Ske” Botta (Not A Good Sign, Ske, Yugen), Thierry Payssan (Minimum Vital), Archimede De Martini (Stormy Six).
Mastering by Udi Koomran.

Friday, July 21, 2017

CATALONIA - S/T (1981, LP, Spain)

Obscure Spanish fusion-progressive band from Barcelona founded in 1978 by musicians previously in Gotic: Rafael Escoté (bass), Ángel Pereira (drums, percussion), Lluís Vidal (piano) and Antonio Peral (sax).

DANIEL VEGA ‎– La Noche Que Precede A La Batalla (1976, Spain)

This is one of the big surprises that the Spanish progressive scene has yet to give to all worldwide prog fans. Daniel Vega (not to be confused with the other Vega who released the well- known Andaluza album), was an excellent musician from Asturias, in the north of Spain. This is his sole album, and it's an outstanding progressive folk record with Daniel writing and singing all tracks except two instrumentals.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

GERARDO BATIZ ‎– Arlequín (1982, LP, Mexico)

Very nice, mellow, electric progressive rock album. The wordless female vocals, approaching Zeuhl at times, defines this mature work. Piano and bass drive the music forward, and the contents are highly melodic. At times I'm reminded of some of the "lite Zeuhl" bands coming out of France in the 1980s like Foehn or Musique Noise. I even hear some Joe Jackson, and that's meant as a compliment. For me, it's better than all the aforementioned bands, and comes recommended. CDRWL

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

LA MUJER BARBUDA - Agridulce (2016, Argentina)

La MUJER BARBUDA have got started as an Argentine RIO quartet, founded by Martin Pantyrer (saxophones, clarinets), Sergio Álvarez (electric guitar), Franco Fontanarossa (bass), and Lulo Isod (drums, percussion). They've opened their monstrously innovative curtain with their debut album "Musica Para Cuando Aparece El Monstruo" in 2008, followed by their second reptilian shot "Lagartos Terribles" in 2011, released via an independent label S-Music.

MIRIODOR - Signal 9 (2017, Canada)

Studio Album, released in 2017

Songs / Tracks Listing 
1. Venin (4:32) 
2. Peinturé Dans Le Coin (4:32) 
3. Transit De Nuit À Jakarta (1:58) 
4. Portrait-robot (8:47) 
5. Déboires À Munich (1:18) 
6. Chapelle Lunaire (6:49) 
7. Cryogénie (1:35) 
8. Passage Secret (9:56) 
9. Gallinule D'Amérique (1:38) 
10. Douze Petites Asperges (2:37) 
11. Le Ventriloque Et Le Perroquet (8:13) 
Total time 51:55

Line-up / Musicians 
- Bernard Falaise / guitar, keyboards, turntables, production & mixing
- Pascal Globensky / keyboards, synths, piano
- Nicolas Lessard / bass, double bass, keyboards
- Rémi Leclerc / drums, percussion, electronics

CHEER-ACCIDENT - Putting Off Death (2017, Usa)

01. Language Is 11:24
02. Immanence 04:12
03. Wishful Breathing 03:45
04. Falling World 03:40
05. More And Less 03:00
06. Lifetime Guarantee 06:59
07. Hymn 05:11

Line-up / Musicians:
Jeff Libersher / guitar, trumpet, vocals, keyboards
Dante Kester / bass, keyboards
Thymme Jones / drums, vocals, piano, trumpet, keyboards, acoustic and electric guitars, moog, noise
Carmen Armillas / vocals
Mike Hagedorn / trombone
Teria Gartelos / vocals
Sacha Mullin / vocals
Cory Bengtsen / baritone sax
Beth Yates / flute
Julie Pomerleau / violin
Joan Morrone / French horn
Ross Feller / tenor sax
Rob Pleshar / tuba
Todd Fackler / tuba

Sunday, July 16, 2017

ACCORDO DEI CONTRARI - Violato Intatto (2017, Italy)

"Violated Intact" is the fourth Accordo dei Contrari album, one of the most authoritative and admired Italian progressive jazz formations in the world. Born in Bologna in 2001, Between 2007 and 2014, the band has released three albums and has played in numerous Italian and foreign festivals: thanks to the work in studio and live activity, Accordo dei Contrari has gained significant international consensus.
After joining the Crescendo Festival of Saint Palais sur Mer in France and the Time In Jazz by Paolo Fresu in Berchidda, Contrary of Contrari began working on the fourth album in instrumental trio without electric bass: with the arrival of saxophonist Stefano Radaelli And the involvement of guests like Alessandro Bonetti of Deus Ex Machina, has achieved the ambitious " Violato Intatto".
Accordo dei Contrari, inspired by a renewed commitment, the desire to explore new territories and to deepen the elements of the instrumental formula, three years away from the previous "AdC" album, expands its sound to rock, jazz and music: The result is " Violato Intatto", a album consisting of eleven long and adventurous tracks. Recorded live in studio with minimized overdubs and mastered by the great Udi Koomran (already with Ahvak, Present, 5uu's etc.), "Violato Intatto" raises the mastery and uniqueness of the Accordo dei Contrari: a continuous and evolved dialogue between Diversity for one of the most fascinating and original formations of the European landscape. Btf

BUBBLEMATH - Edit Peptide (2017, USA)

Right from the start, it is clear to me that Edit Peptide, the new album by American band Bubblemath, represents some sort of an hommage to Gentle Giant. In fact, fans of the great an influential British band, but also of Echolyn and early Spock's Beard, should certainly be very enthusiastic about their new album Edit Peptide.
The album starts with a bang! with ‘’Routine Maintenance'', perhaps the most GG influenced piece of the album. It mixes great vocal harmonies with very dynamic music.
The next two tracks keep the momentum going with some excellent lead guitar soloing, emotional vocals, complex harmonies and very dynamic keyboards. In fact Bubblemath comes closer to what Echolyn used to do on Suffocating The Bloom.
The next track, ‘’A Void That I Can Depart To'' is, in my opinion the jewel of the album. It starts with a beautiful opening section that naturally evolves to melodic and intense parts (i.e. Echolyn's ''Shades'' and Spock’s Beard ‘’The Door’’) and finally ends in a very moving and peaceful way. This piece offers great instrumentation and vocals (like the rest of the album btw).
‘’Get a Lawn’’ is near to being a ballad but still gives us some quirky and intense vocals with some complex instrumentation. The ‘’Making Light of Traffic’s’’ calm and retro sounding first part almost actually feels like a real Gentle Giant song but quickly the band returns to intense instrumentation and dynamic harmonies. It’s a song that nearly has an ''On Reflection'' moment and features killer saxophone and keyboard solos.
The last two songs continue in the same vein and end this very good album in great fashion
Those that like their melodic Prog to be busy and intense (somewhat of a paradox?), something that bands like Spock's Beard and Echolyn (even more so) have been giving us for nearly thirty years, should really get their hands on Edit Peptide by Bubblemath. Prognosis

MUMPBEAK – Tooth (2017)

In their followup to their formidable self-titled debut on RareNoise Records in 2013, Mumpbeak again conjures up memories of vintage King Crimson, Emerson, Lake & Palmer, Gentle Giant and other prog-rock pioneers on Tooth. Led by the innovative keyboardist-composer and Oslo-based UK expatriate Roy Powell, whose other RareNoise output includes releases by Interstatic and Naked Truth, and featuring bassist and longtime collaborator Lorenzo Feliciati (Powell’s bandmate and project leader in Naked Truth who has also released the solo albums Frequent Flyer and KOI on RareNoise), this new edition of the prog-rock-jazz power trio showcases the remarkable Norwegian drummer Torstein Lofthus, who is also a member of the avant garde group Shining and the psychedelic prog-rock-jazz trio Elephant 9.

CORIMA – Amaterasu (2016, Usa)

Texas, US band playing rock-fusion in the Zeuhl vein. Their frenetic version of the genre also showcases the wide ethnic backgrounds of the musicians, sometimes sounding like a Japanese Magma.

KOTEBEL - Cosmology (2017, Spain)

This album features the “Cosmology Suite”. An ambitious work based on the musical representation of four conceptions of the Cosmos:
- The Geocentric Universe (Earth as center of the universe and God as an anthropomorphic entity)
- The Mechanical Universe (the cosmos is a complex machine where parts interact with each other based on physical laws. God does not exist)
- The Entangled Universe (rather than isolated entities, we are actually all “connected”)
- Oneness (rather than “connected” we are really one. Like waves in the sea…)
In addition to Cesar G. Forero’s “Mishima’s Dream”, the album includes a remastered version of the piece “Canto XXVIII”. A piece that Cesar wrote for Dante’s Paradiso (issued in 2010 as part of Colossus’ Divine Comedy project).

PETER GORDON ‎– Leningrad Xpress (1990, CD, USA)

Music from dance and theatre productions in a musical language equally informed by world music, tough New York City rock, pattern music, Albert Ayler jazz, and electronic music...Gordon makes it all work in these highly original tone poems from the almost Weill-ian "Leningrad Express" and "Warsaw," to the disco-Italian folk music of "Toscana," to the electronic and dissonant "In The Fields," "Trinity Site" and "Inside The Nuclear Power Plant" (text-Kathy Acker), the sublime "atonal" chamber music of"Inside Marie," the Chopinesque-Tibetan "Woyzeck's Dream," the 1920's Berlin-style "Der Kindertotentanz," and the unabashedly pretty "Pastis" acoustic guitar solo.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

SENNI ESKELINEN & STRINGPUREE BAND - Senni Eskelinen Stringpurée Band/ Fedja (2008 & 2010, CD, FINLAND)

STRINGPURÉE BAND is a new and innovative trio from the Northern Savo region in Finland, and who sports a sound that combines modern arrangements and studio technology with more traditional instrumentation and mood. The band's primary 'engine' is the electric version of a Finnish string instrument known as a kantele, played by Senni Eskelinen.
The band's music is all instrumental ranging from neo-folk to free-form, and reflecting the strong tradition of introspective and progressive tendencies found in much of Scandinavian music.
While still in their early stages, STRINGPURÉE BAND has the makings of a long-lasting and vibrant act with the capacity to produce interesting and innovative sounds for years to come. Progarchive

SENNI ESKELINEN STRINGPURÉE BAND - Senni Eskelinen Stringpurée Band (2008)
Embers 5:18
Pikkukala 5:28
Kärsivä omenapuu 5:35
Pikapuuagentti 6:27
Kuolleen miehen tanssi 8:25
Riivattu mies 4:27
Eepos 5:56
Painajainen 6:25
Kaksi dinoa 7:08

Senni Eskelinen - kantele
Kalle Ylitalo - basso
Niko Votkin - rummut

Far East Western
Last Yellow

Senni Eskelinen- kantele
Kalle Ylitalo - basso
Niko Votkin - rummut
Stringpurée Band plays 100% raw progressive kantele -music. The trio, hailing from the backwoods of the Northern Savo region in Finland, is here to win over audiences of all kinds with their innovative instrumental sound. The band has already, in its few years of existence, managed to develop a sound which is highly personal. Partial credit for this of course also goes to Stringpurée Band’s unique line up, which consists of electric kantele, bass and drums. The original music composed by the three members echoes the roots of Finnish progressive and psychedelic musical tradition. So go ahead, have some Stringpurée.

Sunday, July 9, 2017

BREZNEV FUN CLUB ‎– L'Onda Vertebrata (2010, CD, ITALY)

BREZNEV FUN CLUB hails from the province of Matera, in Basilicata and began life in the mid eighties on the initiative of guitarist Rocco Lomonaco, drummer Mario Ventrelli and keyboardist Francesco Gallipoli. Their sources of inspiration range from classical music to avant-garde, from Rock In Opposition to Canterbury and more. During their live performances they've always showcased a strong theatrical attitude introducing cabaret elements and recitative parts thanks to their front-man Franco Sciscio who joined the band in 1990.
During the years the band went through many troubles and line up changes and it wasn't until 2010 that they managed to release a real debut album on the independent label Btf/AMS, “L'onda vertebrata: Lost + Found Vol. 1”, with pieces composed from 1990 to 1997 re-arranged and properly re-recorded in studio in 2009 by a line up featuring Rocco Lomonaco (guitars, banjo, mandolin, quatro, harmonica), Franco Sciscio (vocals), Giuliana Di Mitrio (vocals), Maria Mianulli (flute), Francesco Manfredi (clarinet), Michele Motola (sax), Gianfranco Menzella (sax), Francesco Panico (trumpet), Francesco Tritto (trombone), Tommaso De Vito Francesco (bass, oboe), Michele Fracchiolla (drums, percussion, vibraphone, marimba), Pino Manfredi (piano, keyboards), Duilio Maci (violin) and Angela Schiralli (cello). In my opinion, the final result of their efforts is excellent! The sonic experiments of the band are never too extreme or self-indulgent and the well balanced arrangements avoid the wild territories of “musique concrète”. The music flows away without weak moments and I'm sure that even those who are not in love with avant-garde will find this challenging work rewarding. Italian Prog Map.

Saturday, July 8, 2017

101 CRUSTACEANS ‎– Songs Of Resignation (1989, CD, USA)

This is Fang Records first release and was produced by Giorgio Gomelsky who was at one time responsibile for producing many British Invasion bands.
Most notable to prog fans is the appearance of Bernard Paganotti (Magma) on this recording. While his influence may escape the ears, Paganotti has on a number of Zeuhl and related recordings.

GATTI GIUSTI FORTI & C ‎– La Valle Della Luna (1981, LP, ITALY)

B&B ‎– LP 0710
60年代から活躍するジャズコンポーザー/ピアノ奏者Angel Pocho Gattiが、70年代の末に打楽器奏者Giampiero Giustiら新進気鋭の若手と結成したGatti Giusti Forti & C。フリージャズを空間的モードへと磨き上げた81年の傑作。白眉はな~んと云ってもタイトルトラック『La Valle Della Luna』。予感に満ちたイマジネイティヴなインプロヴィゼイションから怒涛のクライマックスへとずんずん昂まっていく圧巻の10分。その他も空間的音響を駆使した月面旅情まんてんのスピリチュアルフュージョン全4曲収録。ジャケもいい感じ!大推薦盤!

HASSE BRUNIUSSON ‎– Mannaminne (1983, LP, sweden)

Hasse Bruniusson - MannaMinne (Alternativ ALP-14, 1983)
サムラのドラマーのソロ。彼はフラワー・キングスのメンバーでもある(パーカッション担当)。そのためか Roine Stolt が参加(プロデュースも)している。80年代デジタル・サウンド、ニューウェーヴ風ヴォーカル曲にズッコケるが、メロディは少しサムラ的でホッとする。ドラムがブルフォードっぽい "Fritt Efter Fripp" などという曲がある。未CD化(だと思う)

SKYWHALE ‎– The World At Minds End (1977, UK)

SKYWHALE / The World At Minds End 

1. Epicure
2. Hydralic Fever
3. Two Budda Garage

1. The World At Minds End
2. Eternal Optimist (Therat)
3. Boggies


Insturmental-Progressive って書いてありました。
まあ聴いてみるとその通りかもしれませんが、Jazz Rock や Fusion の要素も多分に



Saturday, July 1, 2017

ELECTROMAGNETS - Electromagnet & II (1974-75 LP/CD, Usa)

Electromagnets - self-titled 1975 Texas LP featuring Eric Johnson
Electromagnets - II (Unreleased 2nd work)

Electromagnets are best known as the launching ground for Eric Johnson, one of the great guitarists of the ’80s and ’90s. Johnson was known for his clear tones and amazing technical skill — two things that are apparent on the Electromagnets’ first and only album. The group followed the path of such trailblazing fusion groups as the Mahavishnu Orchestra, creating an amalgam of rock, jazz, blues and the avant-garde. Unlike many of their peers, the Electromagnets were loose, letting themselves bend the beat and have fun. As a result, their album is more enjoyable than most ’70s fusion records… Johnson stands out with his crystal clear guitar and tasteful solos. His presence makes Electromagnets the curiosity it is, but also makes it more than an odd historical item.

ELOITERON - Lost Paradise (1981, Switzerland)

Beautiful symphonic/prog rock album.