Friday, July 21, 2017

CATALONIA - S/T (1981, LP, Spain)

Obscure Spanish fusion-progressive band from Barcelona founded in 1978 by musicians previously in Gotic, Musica Urbana and Pegasus: Rafael Escoté (bass), Ángel Pereira (drums, percussion), Lluís Vidal (piano) and Antonio Peral (sax).

Side A
A1 Mistela 4:30
A2 Lorelai 6:30
A3 Una Mica De Res 6:09
Side B
B1 Bolero 5:21
B2 En Un Reco Del Cor 5:06
B3 Un Sueco En America 8:22

Bass – Rafael Escoté
Drums, Percussion, Vibraphone – Angel Pereira
Piano – Lluis Vidal
Saxophone – Antonio Peral

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