July 25, 2017

HOMUNCULUS RES - Come si diventa ciò che si era (2015, CD, Italy)

Another wonderful band on the ever-growing excellent AltRock label, HOMUNCULUS RES is a Sicilian band centered around songwriter/guitarist/keyboardist Dario D'Alessandro. Other members currently include keyboardists David Di Giovanni and Federico Cardaci, bassist Domenico Salamone, flutist Dario Lo Cicero, and drummer Daniele Di Giovanni. A featured guest on the band's debut is YUGEN keyboardist Paolo Ske Botta.

The primary inspiration for the band is PICCHIO DAL POZZO, the best Canterbury-influenced Italian band from the 1970s. They seem likewise, as did PICCHIO DAL POZZO, to derive inspiration from other Canterbury bands, particularly CARAVAN and SOFT MACHINE. But HOMONCULUS RES is far from being a simple clone--they have taken the light, breezy, humorous Canterbury feel and mixed it with the early material from PREMIATA FORNERIA MARCONI and even LE ORME. They have combined these influences, spinning the whole in their wonderful melodic sensibilities, in the process creating one of the more unique and memorable entries into the crowded field of modern excellent Rock Progressivo Italiano.
The 2013 debut album Limiti All'eguaglianza della Parte con il Tutto demands to be heard and enjoyed and portends of wonderful things to come from this delightful ensemble.

Guests Musicians: David Newhouse (The Muffins), Aldo de Scalzi (Picchio dal Pozzo),Steven Kretzmer (Rascal Reporters) and Paolo Botta (Yugen, Ske, Not a Good Sign).

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