May 13, 2021

Roberto Cacciapaglia – Generazioni Del Cielo (1986, 2xLP, Italy)

Disco 1
A1 Ouverture 5:29
A2 Kneeling World 3:46
A3 Desir D'une Vie Plus Juste 1:15
A4 Anello 1:41
A5 Gesang Der Wesen 3:18
B1 Fuaco Celeste 5:14
B2 La Voie Du Coeur 4:13
B3 L'échelle Des Sentiments 4:08
B4 Incanto Dell'Arcobaleno 2:54
B5 Helmat 5:09
Disco 2
C1 Unisono - Life Explodes 3:40
C2 Notturno 3:35
C3 Desiderio Contro Il Tempo - Life Explodes 5:33
D1 Preghiere Lontane 3:19
D2 Animals 4:41
D3 Kinderwelt 5:20
D4 No Name 4:23
D5 The Last Day 2:26

Contralto Vocals [Tenor] – Giuseppe Zambon
Mezzo-soprano Vocals – Ulrike Wurdach
Music By – Roberto Cacciapaglia
Orchestra – Orchestra "Carme"
Organ – Malleus
Piano – Michele Fedrigotti
Soprano Vocals – Cinzia Alessandroni, Sara Stowe

Originally released in 1986, Italian pianist and composer Roberto Cacciapaglia's Generazioni del Cielo is a contemporary musical work in the form of oratory; it is born from a development of matured musical language across polyvalent experiences, ranging from classical to pop composition. The subject originates from the will to tell an unusual story, a story without events but with real emotions, drawing from contemporary literature and sacred texts. In the production, the music, which was classically conceived, is projected into an environment of technological media, where the ancient and the modern interact.

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