Monday, August 24, 2009

Wobbler - Afterglow (2009, Norway)

Retro-styled symphonic progressive rock in the classic style of Yes, Genesis, Gentle Giant, ELP, Gryphon, PFM and King Crimson, brimming with mellotrons, minimoog and with an authentic 70's style production. First album sold 10.000 copies, played Nearfest 2005 and most other major prog festivals around the world. Band features members of White Willow, Jaga Jazzist, Xploding Plastix and Shining. Debut album made most "prog album of 2005" lists, and got rave reviews. "Afterglow" is definitely one of the most anticipated prog releases of 2009.

Itibere Orquestra Familia - Pedra do Espia (2001, Brazil)

Violins, viola, cello, piano, melodica, flutes, sax, trombone, cavaquinho, mandolin, electric bass, drums, percussion, and voice all blend together in this non-conventional orchestra. The group doesn't use scores nor Itiberê the traditional baton - music parts are written after they are learned, and serve only as a record - the musicians play by heart. Breaking through the boundaries that separate popular and classical music, Itiberê Orquestra Família's music features universality, the greatest asset of "Escola Jabour", by Hermeto Pascoal.
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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Patrizio Fariselli project - Lupi sintetici e strumenti a gas (2001, Italy)

Tracklist: 1. Pangea 2. Lupi sintetici e strumenti a gas 3. Risonanze 4. I dadi di dio 5. Signora dei viaggi 6. Felice lichene 7. Acufeni 8. 7 Bells 9. Refoli 10. Luglio agosto settembre (nero) 11. Non tira un filo d'aria 12.[13] Ah!

Personnel: Angela Baggi (voce) Giovanni Giorgi (batteria) Marco Micheli (basso elettrico e contrabbasso)Roberto Cecchetto (chitarra) Rolando Cavasassi (batteria in Felice Lichene, Signora dei viaggi e Acufeni) Massimo Manzi (batteria in Refoli) Federico Sanesi (percussioni in Refoli e 7 bells) Rocco Zifarelli (mand-oud in Pangea) Marino Paire (vocals in Pangea e Felice Lichene) TI-SHA-MAN-NAH saxophone quartet (Fabio Petretti, Stefano Fariselli, Gianluca Mattei, Carlo Fabbri, sassofoni in Luglio agosto settembre nero e Non tira un filo d'aria) Amanita Lozano (sassofono soprano in Non tira un filo d'aria) Francesco Moneti, Franco D'Aniello, Alberto Cottica dei Modena City Ramblers (violino, flauto e fisarmonica in Pangea) Roberto "Freak" Antoni (voce in Felice Lichene)

Miguel Rios - Al-Andalus (1977, Spain)

Tracklist: 1. Al-Andalus (4:56) 2.Azahara (8:40) 3.Un dia en Mojacar - Parte 1 "Con Chipo" - Parte 2 "La muerte verde" (5:54) 4.Balada de la alondra y el gavilan (6:37) 5.El cinco a las cinco (3:13) 6.Guadalquivir (4:44) 7.La blanca oscuridad (4:07)

Band: Miguel Rios: Voz, Luis Fornes: Teclados y arreglos de cuerda, Cesar Fornes: Guitarra, Tito Herrero: Bateria, Tony Aguilar: Bajo, Kamel Missaghian: Percusion, Jorge Pardo: Flauta, Andres Olaegui: Guitarras, Alvaro Yebenes: Bajo, Samia y Sabef: voces tipicas, Luis Cobo "Manglis": Guitarra en el tema (6) "Guadalquivir", Raquel (voces)

Il Berlione - In 453 minutes Infernal Cooking (1994, Japan)

Tracklist: 1. 453分間料理地獄 (正常位) - 453-punkan Ryōri Jigoku (Seijōi) [In 453 minutes Infernal Cooking (Forward)] 1:41 2. 首煮込汁 - Kubi Nikomijiru [Human Head Soup] 3:21 3. 木製オーブンレンジ - Mokusei Oven Range [Wooden Oven] 4:18 4. 大仏 - Daibutsu [Giant Image of Buddha] 11:12 5. おさる日記 - Osaru Nikki [Diary of Mr. Monkey] 2:42 6. すぱいす - Spice [Tappy's Spices] 4:18 7. ノーパンああ素晴しい美人 - Nōpan Ā Subarashii Bijin [Wow! Brilliant Beauty With No Scanties] 4:19 8. なおちゃんのきぬずれ - Naochan no Kinuzure [Nao chan's Rustling] 4:18 9. フレンチドレッシング・タブー - Frenchdressing Taboo 2:27 10. ポリエチレンの木の下で-Polyethylene no Ki no Shita de [At the Foot of Polyethylene Tree] 3:08 11. 多摩川シャッフル - Tamagawa Shuffle 6:04 12. アグ - Agu [Agoo] 3:57 13. 高円寺人情酒場 - Kōenji Ninjō Sakaba [Koenji Sake Bar] 9:15 14. 天国で地獄 - Tengoku de Jigoku [One Infernal Fact in Paradise] 6:59 15. 453分間料理地獄 (後背位) - 453-punkan Ryōri Jigoku (Kōhaii) [In 453 minutes Infernal Cooking (Backward)] 1:39

Band: Naoya Idonuma, guitar; Kazuo Ogura, bass; Hirofumi Taniguchi, keyboards; Tappi Iwase, drums; Hiroo Takano, saxophone