July 24, 2021

Clubfoot Orchestra – Nosferatu (1989, Cassette, Usa)

A. Untitled
B. Untitled

Composed By – Gino Robair, Richard Marriott
Orchestra Conducted By – Steed Cowart
Clarinet, Bass Clarinet – Beth Custer
Drums, Marimba, Percussion – Gino Robair
Guitar – Steve Kirk
Tenor Saxophone, Guitar [Hawaiian Guitar] – Josh Ende
Tenor Saxophone, Saxello – Dave Barrett
Trombone, Shakuhachi, Flute, Synthesizer – Richard Marriott
Trumpet – Doug Morton
Tuba, Bass – Bob Lipton
Violin – Kaila Flexer

Nosferatu, directed by FW Murnau in 1922, was the first telling of Bram Stoker's "Dracula" on film. The vampyre was played by Max Streck. Bela Balzacs, a German film writer of Hungarian descent, called the film "a chilly draft from doomsday". A crazed real estate agent in Bremen sends his recently married clerk, Harker, off to Transylvania, to the castle of Nosferatu, to settle some business affairs. The vampyr is attracted to a picture of Harker's wife and leaves for Bremen to find her, leaving a trail of death.
The score, written by Richard Marriott with contributions by Gino Robair, was premiered at San Francisco State University for the BAVAC Awards Ceremony, April 16, 1989. The next two evenings it was persented at the Castro Theatre, San Francisco. Later that year it was featured on "Entertainment Tonight" with Leonard Maltin and performed at New Music America in New York.

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