May 11, 2019

Mirage ‎– Now You See It... (1977, LP, England)

British fusion super-session group of the mid/late 1970s, related to the Canterbury scene.

The short-lived Jazz-Rock Fusion group Mirage is an excellent example of the incredible high level of music created in Britain in the 1970s. Co-led by two great instrumentalist and composers: saxophonist George Khan and guitarist Brian Godding, they managed to record just one album, which was originally released on the obscure, but visionary Norwegian Compendium label (along with some other superb albums), which unfortunately folded shortly after this album was released. The group also included bassist Steve Cook and drummer Dave Sheen on permanent basis, but was often expanded to a sextet with the addition of Geoff Castle on keyboards and John Mitchell on percussion. The group played music composed by Khan and Godding, which was a typical British Fusion, somewhat similar to what the many Canterbury groups (Hatfield And The North, National Health) were doing at the time, with strong melodic lines and lengthy improvisations. Godding was of course one of the best British guitarists, sadly much under-appreciated and respected mostly among his peers. This most welcome reissue expands the original album by adding two long jam-like tracks recorded live, which give an excellent glimpse as to how the group (in its sextet form) sounded on stage. Brilliant stuff, from start to finish and a must to all Fusion-heads.  (search: RYM)

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