Sunday, April 30, 2017

LI TROUBAIRES DE COUMBOSCURO ‎– Lou Pan Crousia (1989, LP, Italy)

Concept Album: Leggenda di Natale. Guest: Lou Teatre Coumboscuro, Archi dell'Amadeus Orchestra, Società Corale Città di Cuneo.
Li Troubaires de Coumboscuro were an Italian Provençal band with a broad, modern musical style that combined touches of rock progressive with folk including traditional instrumentation, but rooted in a rock timbre and rhythms.
The group released four studio albums, most on minor labels except their final release 'A Toun Soulei' that featured guest appearances by Alan Stivel, Gabriel Yacoub and ex-PFM guitarist Tazenda Franco Mussica. Amazing and obscure. Highly recommended!


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