July 10, 2018

Empty Days ‎– Empty Days (2013, CD, Italy)

Paolo "Ske" Botta - keyboards
Jacopo Costa - vibes
Elaine Di Falco - vocals
Maurizio Fasoli - piano
Pat Moonchy - electric zen garde
Giuseppe A. Olivini - percussion, therenim
Francescco Zago - guitars, mellotron, bass

Bianca Fervidi - cello (two views on flight, ankoku, word lurking)
Rachel O'Brien, vocals (flow my tears)

All music and lyrics by Francesco Zago, except for flow my tears (John Dowland), in darkness let me dwell (John Dowland, a dark vanessa (lyrics by Vladimir Nabokov), running waters (lyrics by Seamus Heaney)

Recorded in Milan (Effettonote, Ganascia Studio, Moonshine Pub), Suello, Castione della Presolana, Tradate
Editing and treatments by Francesco Zago
Mixed by Francesco Zago and Andrea Rizzardo
Mastered by Benno Hofer (Ton-Art Studio, Basel)

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