July 17, 2007

TRUE MYTH - S/T (1979, LP, Canada)

True Myth was formed in London, Ontario as an offshoot of a class project by students at Fanshawe College -- a music school. Tom Treumuth was the keyboardist and helped the band secure a deal with Warner Bros. Records in 1979. Their debut album was the first digital album recorded in Canada and the second in the world (the first being Stevie Wonder's 'Secret Life Of Plants'). Treumuth soon opened his own record label, Hypnotic, and the band switched for their follow-up album 'Telegram' in 1981. In the meantime, Treumuth had been moonlighting with another Toronto studio project The Fictions on their debut album in 1980. Treumuth would go on to produce the likes of Honeymoon Suite and dozens of other Canadian acts during the 1980's many of them on his surviving indie label Hypnotic.
Track list: 1.Reach For The Heavens (6:05) 2. Light Years Before (6:06) 3. It’s Got To Be (3:13)
4. Time and Time Again (4:45) 5. Space Promenade (4:28) 6. In The Mist (4:56) 7. Song For The World (4:21)


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