Thursday, January 19, 2017

ENSEMBLE AMBROSIUS - Live in Edinburgh (2002, FINLAND)

A chamber music group, established in 1995, which plays modern music on baroque instruments.

This is the FM broadcast (on BBC Radio 3, 13 March 2002) of a concert given at the Queen's Hall in Edinburgh by the Ensemble Ambrosius of works by themselves, FZ and Ligeti. They are an interesting bunch of guys who like to play contemporary music on Baroque period instruments, and have gained approval from the ZFT for their arrangements of some of FZ's works.

1. Intro [1:34]
2. Pienet Sienet (Tiny Mushrooms) (Knif) [5:22]
3. Uncle Meat [4:34]
4. Night School [5:46]
5. Igor's Boogie [1:09]
6. Black Page #2 (New Age/Bach version) [4:23]
7. Yptor (Virtaperko/Knif) [5:27]
8. Zoot Allures [3:23]
9. Big Swifty [3:03]
10. Echidna's Arf (Of You) [4:34]
11. Questa storia del mago non mi convince (Virtaperko) [6:40]
12. G-Spot Tornado [4:50]
13. Hymni (Virtaperko) [8:34]

The ensemble for this occasion was:
Janne Nisonen (baroque violin), Anni Haapaniemi (baroque oboe, oboe d'amour, glockenspiel), Jonte Knif (chamber organ, harpsichord, dulcimer, melodica), Ere Lievonen (harpsichord, chamber organ), Jani Sunnarborg (baroque bassoon, obe da caccia, chamber organ), Tuukka Terho (archlute, baroque guitar), Olli Virtaperko (baroque cello), Ricardo Padilla (percussion).

Random – Nothin' Tricky (1977, USA)

Ralph Athey: Clarinet, Saxophone, Vocal
Jerry Fiddler: Electric & Acoustic Guitar, Vocal
Sam Kolmodin: Contrabass, Bass Guitar, Vocal
Sandy Robinson: Viola, Violin, Vocal
Paul Shimandle: 12-String Guitar, Vocal
Rocky Moffit: Drums & Percussion
Engineers: Harry Gilling, Jim Corbett
Production: Harry Gilling, Ralph Athey, Paul Shimandle, Jerry Fiddler
Recorded / Mixed at: Sunday Studios, Urbana, Illinois
Cover Design: Paul Shimandle
Cover Drawing: Katy Fortune
Photography: Jerry Fiddler


Wednesday, January 18, 2017

BANTEN ‎– s/t (1972, Netherlands)

Dutch PROG Experimental JAZZ 1972 DUTCH LP BASF

Henny Vonk - Vocals, Kazoo & Percussion (Piano in "Man From Tollund")
Jurre Haanstra - Drums, Voice, Mouth Organs & Whistles
Rob Van Den Broeck - Piano & Fender Rhodes Piano
Ernst Reijseger - Acoustic (in A2) & Electric Cello
Arnold Dooyeweerd - Double Bass (not in B1)


Wednesday, January 4, 2012

VEZHLIVYI OTKAZ - Geese & Swans (2010, CD, Russia)

A masterpiece!!
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Sunday, October 30, 2011

BAKA MUTZ - S/T (1995, CD, France)

'Baka Mutz' from the Indo-European for 'I am very surprised', was first thought up at the time of the opening of the Berlin Wall. In January 1990 the Wrede/Nabicht duo performed in the Great Hall of La Villette as part of the 'Germany outside the walls of Berlin' festival. In February 1990, Thierry Madiot played with the 'Bohème de chic' group at the French cultural centre in East Berlin. On December 13, 1990, a really European quartet was born in Berlin with the Italian from Lecco, Mauro Gnecchi.
Tracklist: 1. La Citadelle du Plaisir 2. Sur les Pavés : la Plage! 3. Opportune Aisance 4. 3, 4 ou X Dimensions? 5. Anesthésie Sociale 6. Danse Arabéenne 7. Baka Mutz 8. Le Réveil de la Cité 9. Cités de la Honte 10. Lento Amoroso 11. Landpflucht.
Musicians: Thierry Madiot (Trombone), Theo Nabicht (Saxophone), Bert Wrede (Guitar), Mauro Gnecchi (Percussions).