February 25, 2021

Moondog - Moondog 2 (1971, LP, Usa)

A1 Bells Are Ringing 1:19
A2 Voices Of Spring 1:47
A3 What's The Most Exciting Thing? 2:31
A4 All Is Loneliness 1:16
A5 My Tiny Butterfly 1:12
A6 Why Spend A Dark Night With Me? 1:09
A7 Coffee Beans 2:10
A8 Down Is Up 1:07
A9 Be A Hobo 1:09
A10 Remember 1:52
A11 I Love You 1:08
A12 Nero's Expedition 1:52
A13 No, The Wheel Was Never Invented 1:20
B1 With My Wealth 1:35
B2 This Student Of Life 1:24
B3 Some Trust All 1:28
B4 Wine, Woman And Song 2:23
B5 Sadness 1:22
B6 Maybe 2:03
B7 Each Today Is Yesterday's Tomorrow 1:37
B8 Imagine 2:16
B9 You The Vandal 2:08
B10 Trees Against The Sky 1:18
B11 Behold 1:27
B12 Sparrow 1:37
B13 Pastoral 2:42

Harp [Troubadour Harp] – Gillian Stephens
Percussion [Various Percussion Parts] – June, Mary, Specs Powel
Performer [Schom] – Stephen Silverstein
Viol [Viola Da Gamba] – Judith Davidoff
Virginal, Recorder, Piano, Harpsichord, Organ [Ancient Organ] – Kay Jaffee
Vocals, Percussion – June Hardin, Louis Hardin
Written-By – L. Hardin

Moondog 2 sees the return of the eccentric and visionary artist, who started his musical career as an idiosyncratic street musician in New York City.
On this album the focus does not lie on neo-classical experimentation alternating with jazz pieces. The style could rather be best described as modern Madrigals, renaissance avant-garde or simply…Moondog-music.
Repetitive and interlaced vocal lines are accompanied by Moondog’s typical and unique percussion patterns, as well as something that sounds like a harpsichord and occasional flutes.
Despite all of the pieces being quite short, in the long run, the musical maze becomes rather uniform with little change. The album thus feels almost like one musical idea stretched over plenty of short tunes. (RYM)

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