September 30, 2019

Déjà Vu ‎– Cosmic Zack (1977, LP, Germany)

Side A
1. Inner Voice (5:27)
2. Cosmic Zack (9:04)
3. Andy (7:27)
Side B
1. Annamaya (6:44)
2. Möwenflug (8:30)
3. Antonia (8:45)

Bass, Vocals – Paul H. Brodkorb
Drums – Hans W. Schönborn
Guitar – Hans R. Hamacher
Keyboards – Andreas Wegener
Saxophone, Flute, Acoustic Guitar, Vocals – Eckhard P. Meszelinsky

Cosmic Zack is an obscure progressive / fusion release from Germany circa 1977. Typical of many private releases from late 70's Deutschland, Déjà Vu attempt a Novalis style of progressive rock. The primary instrument is electric guitar and is accompanied by electric piano, sax, flute, bass and drums. There are also vocals with a traditional heavy Teutonic accent (some in English, some in German). Fortunately, side two eschews the vocals for a more energetic instrumental approach. Musically, the band plays a safe, straightforward and somewhat jazzy (especially side 2) progressive music with some well done guitar/sax work. File along with Credemus, Poseidon, Eden and a host of other German bands from the late 70's/early 80's.

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