Sunday, November 12, 2017

THE GHOULIES ‎– Dogged By Dogma (1982, LP, England) Repost!

In 1982, a strange album, Dogged By Dogma, appeared under the name of The Ghoulies, a project masterminded by one Charlie Summers, and featuring no less than Dave Stewart and Pip Pyle alongside a host of anonymous Welsh session musicians. The music itself bore more than a passing resemblance to that of Hatfield and the North, a major influence of Summers, who got in touch with Stewart through mutual acquaintance Green Gartside (Scritti Politti's vocalist, whom Stewart had approached to sing on his debut solo single What Becomes Of The Brokenhearted?). With his regular drummer Nigel Harris having moved to London, Summers also managed to get Pyle involved, and recording sessions took place in Cardiff sometime in 1981. He then founded his own label, Lounging Records, ultimately selling around 3000 copies, which unfortunately was not enough (in spite of John Peel's support) to envision doing more projects under the Ghoulies banner. Summers, however, still has vague plans for a follow-up.
Side A
A1. Listening To My Neighbour Singing
A2. Sexist Conversation
A3. Social Workers
A4. Hollow Cost
A5. Make Sure Your Garage Is Large Enough
Side B
B1. Stabbing Cats
B2. CS's
B3. Look Mum No Hands Parts 1-3
B4. A Large Lounge And Yawn

(play on Listening To My Neighbour, Singing Social Workers, CS's)
Phil John - Bass, Backing Vocals
Nigel Harris - Drums, Percussion
Charlie Summers - Vocals, Guitar, Organ, Flageolet
Simon Smith - Organ, Backing Vocals
Spike Reptile - Violin, Guitar, Voice
Ben Wilson - Backing Vocals, Bits Of Bass (B2)

(appears on rest of album)
Jake Bowi -: Fretless Bass
Elaine Morgan - Lead + Backing Vocals
Pip Pyle - Drums
Dave Stewart - Keyboards, Sound Armonic Advice
Charlie Summers - Guitar, Vocals
James Driscoll Jr. - Vocals