May 12, 2017

The Locals‎ - The Young Lovers (1980, LP, Germany)

THE LOCALS were a German rock band from Hannover. Around the end of the 70's they were founded by guitarist Michael RIETZKE from Leverkusen who at the time played with various jazz and rock bands in Cologne, Hannover and Hamburg. In their own words, their music was a response to pop, rock and punk establishment of the time; led by RIETZKE on lead guitar and with vocals in English they delivered an interesting combination of what can be described as ZAPPA's humorous and more accessible work with the more wild and instrumental jazz rock side.

THE LOCALS were active somewhere up until 1983 when RIETZKE dedicated himself more to his solo career along with the band keyboardist Ralf PIEFKOWSKI. Their recordings were in total one studio and a live album that are recommended to fans of Frank ZAPPA.

Side A
A1 Futy Number
A2 The Last Attempt
A3 You Donna, Donna
A4 Dontch'a Blow Your Top
A5 What Do You Feel
A6 Wild Arab
A7 Wet Napkin
Side B
B1 Not Expose
B2 Eddy Was A Punk
B3 Let Me See You What Is In You
B4 Let Me Go To Puna
B5 Long Arm Inspection
B6 Girls
B7 The Young Lovers

Michael Rietzke / guitars, vocals, keyboards
Ralf Piefkowski / keyboards, vocals
Andreas Herdy / vibes, marimba
Thorsten Raabe / bass
Christian Dorow / vocals
Thomas Quasthoff / vocals
Otto Plachetka / drums, vocal
Manfred Stürwold / Hammond


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