May 15, 2017

Terreno Baldio ‎– Além Das Lendas Brasileiras (1977, LP, Brasil)

From the well made fusion between the best of progressive rock in the same vein of Gentle Giant with brailian folk music to a marvelous cover version of Chico Buarque, "Passaredo" (and thats not a easy task, must be said), the music itself is very criative, fluid and variated, showing the best of Brazilian Progressive Music.
The choise to sing the most know brazilian legends was a ambitious task. Not only because Brazil have a lot of, and, being the size it is, but because even the most common ones have a thousand of changes bewteen them. But the lyrics achieved to highlight the intersection points of this stories (and the vocals work, especially when accompanied with flutes). Flutes, by the way, that emulates the brazilian birds in "Iara" in a magnificent track. (GKR)

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