May 20, 2017

Panta Rhei - Bartok (1977, Hungary)

Bartok (1976-77) All the pieces are Bartok adaptations, some from the Microcosmos. Ostinato, Allegro Barbaro and Dance Suite were recorded live. On Ostinato the drummer is Miklos Kiss. The first three songs would have been on the unreleased single.

Panta Rhei played in Hungary, from 1974 to 1982, in various styles, from jazz to progressive rock. They also designed and built their own synthesizers. Later they continued recording as P.R.Computer. Panta Rhei were well known in Hungary for their classical adaptations (in particular from Bela Bartok and Edward Grieg) and their instrumental compositions. Their music was heavily influenced by ELP, Nice, King Crimson, etc. 
The band recorded 2 LPs, and about 6 singles, and numerous pieces for film and ballet. Their LPs sold over 100,000 copies in Hungary and Eastern Europe. A CD of some of the previously unpublished music was released in 1998. In 2002 a book about the band was published, accompanied by a CD with a collection of songs recorded between 1975-79. Their Bartok recordings were never released, due to objections by the Bartok family.


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