April 09, 2017

The Fents ‎– The Fents ‎(1979, 12" EP, Usa)

Apparently this less known US Fusion band was formed in late-70's by students of the Occidental College in Los Angeles, keyboardist Adam Holzman (born 1958) and guitarist Ted Hall (born 1960).The original formation included also Ed Marrow, a drummer influenced by the music of Brand X, Yes, Mahavishnu Orchestra and Chick Corea.They played several times at local clubs and in 1979 they released a self-titled 4-track on the private Rad Records label.
Very impressive group and sound, quite progressive compositions in a jazzy enviroment with slight symphonic overtones and tons of lovely breaks and tempo changes.For example ''Autocide'' goes from melancholic Blues Rock with organ to fiery Prog Fusion with powerful interplays and odd time signatures, not forgetting to add a few Neo-Classical elements in the process.''Drum hump'' features series of complex bass lines, jazzy drumming and melodic guitar parts with background synths, containing also some very dense instrumental battles with frenetic rhythms.''Fast radio'' is more into airy Symphonic Jazz Rock, shortest tracks of this EP, where the guitars have something of a STEVE HACKETT/HOLDING PATTERN vibe, the Moog synth lines are pretty great and the piano is delivered in a symphonic nature, before turning into massive and smoky interplays with the rapid guitar moves.''Ladsize'' even has a slight Latin spice at the very beginning, passing through soaring guitar soloing and neurotic synthesizers, before visiting the ground of mellow Jazz Fusion with atmospheric keyboards and piano and calmer electric guitars.
A true surprise in the Prog Fusion scene of the late-70's.Overlooked, almost unknown release of emphatic and professional instrumental Prog Rock with lots of jazzy colors and some symphonic injections.Great material, highly recommended.

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