February 20, 2017

Random – Nothin' Tricky (1977, LP, Usa)

Very interesting avant progressive band from Illinois. Starts off with a disco(?!) track, but you know it's a head fake from the beginning. Mostly the group Random go for a chamber music sound, with all sorts of other styles mixed in, most notably jazz. Highly inventive for 1977, and one has to presume Henry Cow were an influence here.
Side A
A1 Not Yet 
A2 It Hertz
A3 Becky, You Dental Hygienist 
A4 Wind Ribbon 
Side B
B1 Towner Hall 
B2 Procyon Lotar 
B3 MiddlesThree
B4 Seminole Sam

Ralph Athey: Clarinet, Saxophone, Vocal
Jerry Fiddler: Electric & Acoustic Guitar, Vocal
Sam Kolmodin: Contrabass, Bass Guitar, Vocal
Sandy Robinson: Viola, Violin, Vocal
Paul Shimandle: 12-String Guitar, Vocal
Rocky Moffit: Drums & Percussion
Recorded / Mixed at: Sunday Studios, Urbana, Illinois