January 25, 2017

Graced Lightning ‎– The Graced Lightning Side (1975, LP, Usa)

1. Neon Nightmare (5:37)
2. Land of the Brain (5:05)
3. The Tot (7:22)
blank side 0:00
Gary Gand: Lead and Rhythm Guitar, Bass
Chris Herman: Lead and Rhythm Guitar, Bass
Joan Burnstein: Piano synth Electric Mandolin, Voice/ Chorus
George Edward: Drums, Vibes, Thunder Sheet, Bird, Voice/ Chorus, Chimes, Percussion
Recorded 5/30/75 - 6/1/75 at Golden Voice Studios, Pekin, Illinois

An exceptionally well done instrumental progressive rock album by this obscure group from Chicago. Recorded only to one side of the LP, there are 3 tracks totaling 18 minutes. And not a moment wasted. Excellent keyboards/piano, coupled with inventive guitar solos. At times the music is very complex. Doesn't sound like anyone really, except maybe Virginia's Polyphony from a few years prior. CDRWL

The Secret History of Chicago Music: Graced Lightning
The "futuristic rock" of this Deerfield band exists only on a rare one-sided LP from 1975