August 16, 2008


Background: Pochakaite Malko is a Japanese band who emerged from Tokyo in August 1996. The name they took is Bulgarian for “just a minute”. The origins of the band can be traced to the meeting of Shigekazu Kuwahara (bass) and Kazuo Ogino (keyboards) in a previous band led by Tatsuya Yoshida called Magma Copy Band in 1995. The first lineup consisted of five people but was unstable at first. The other 3 members were Youichiro Shin (drums), Sharmin (keyborad), Shiho (Bulgarian vocal). They first rehearsed for some time until their first live show in May 1997, when they also decided on the band’s name. a change in the lineup came in December 1997 when Junzo Tateiwa (drums) replaced Shin Youichiro. However shortly after that the band was in hiatus due to Ogino’s work in Ghost and Tateiwa and Kwahara forming Ton-Den-Hei (Techno-Prog rock). December 1999 sees the band’s coming back to activity and the joining of Tomohiro Ueno (keyboards) to the band. The lineup was now Tomohiro Ueno (keyboards), Kazuo Ogino (piano), Sharmin (keyborads), Shigekazu Kuwahara (bass), Junzo Tateiwa (drums). However another change occurred in 2000 when Sharmin left. You can see now how heavy a keyboards emphasis there is in their sound. An important even, according to the band, was in December 4, 2000 when they played music by Zamla Mammaz Manna, with Lars Hollmer. Up until now, they released no studio album and focused on playing live their material. In April 2001 recordings began on their first full length self-titled to be released on November 22nd, 2001. In early 2002, Tomohiro Ueno left the band. However the trio was reinforced by the addition of Akihisa Tsuboy, from KBB (electric & acoustic violin). In November 2004, their second album called Laya was released. In 2006 an EP called Doppelgänger was released. Junzo Tateiwa is active in other groups as well; for instance Spiral Tones which plays traditional Arabic and fusion music; Memories of Nada - North Indian Trad. and Trance Music; Hiromi Takemoto & Ku-lan – Hawaiian; Elephant Talk - Female Avangarde Pops; aside from that he teaches, composes and writes books. Kazuo Ogino is also a member of the band Ghost, which is listed here in PA under Pscyh/Space-Rock. Shigekazu Kuwahara who is one of the founders of PM, was also a part of Kohenji Hyakkei and Tondenhei. As was noted, Akihisa Tsuboy was in KBB. Music:Their sound is pretty wild, but not in a raw, primitive sort of way, but in that it releases a high dose of energy that rock the listeners. Influenced by two seemingly opposing styles, you can hear an influence of Zeuhl in their albums as can be heard with the bass work. This is not surprising given the two founding member’s background in the Magma Copy Band and the relation to Koenji Hyakkei. However this is not a net Zeuhl album given other heavy influences which appear in the music. There is also a notable influence of ELP sounding keyboard work, which is not surprising given the lineup as was mentioned above. Happy Family also comes to mind, with the dense and aggressive nature of the sound. At times the listener might think this is too much notes, or too loud. Therefore, do not listen to this when tired or if you want a calm album. Their albums are thrilling, a joyride, usually uplifting, emotive and dynamic; taking the best from each of those influences and fusing them together in an efficient way to create a sound of their own. The musicianship is of high proficiency and a major part of their sounding so intricate and coherent. (Progarchives)


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