November 27, 2021

Etna – Etna (1975, CD, Italy)

Having the distinction of releasing three albums under three different names but without changing their personnel, this quartet from Sicily includes the brothers Agostino and Antonio Marangolo (drums and keyboards, respectively), their cousin Carlo Pennisi on guitar, and Elio Volpini on bass and sax. Based in Rome, they played under the name Flea On The Honey and then Flea, having released two good albums ("Flea on the Honey" in 1971 and "Topi o Uomini" in 1972) in the hard progressive rock vein. Following the release of "Topi o Uomini", bassist Elio Volpini left the band to join his keyboard-playing brother Enzi in L'uovo Di Colombo. He was replaced in lea briefly by Fabio Pignatelli, who later left to join Cherry Five and Goblin. Flea then broke up for a short time.

In 1975 the original four members reunited and changed their name to Etna. Their only eponymous album represents a major shift in musical style to jazz rock. The style emphasizes melodic jazz rock, similar to Nova and Il Baricentro, as opposed to the lightning fast style of some of the fusion bands of the day.

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