January 09, 2021

Camel ‎– '73~'75 Gods Of Light (2000, CD, England)

1. God of Light Revisited (16:09)
2. White Rider (8:52)
3. Lady Fantasy (11:33)
4. Arubaluba (6:50)
5. Excerpts from the Snow Goose (27:20)

Andrew Latimer / guitar, vocals
Peter Bardens / keyboards, vocals
Doug Ferguson / bass, vocals
Andy Ward / drums

This album is an outstanding full time jam session, with an amazing and colourfull sound quality! Those two suites "God of lights revisited" and "excerpts from the snow goose" are brilliant, they really know a way to get things match! "Arubaluba" very well executed with a lot of energy package, the final theme have a so powerfull synth that makes me wonder! "Lady Fantasy" executed with prime arrengments and "White rider" with a really good guitar's tune selection on the last theme! I have to tell about the proeminence of the drummer Andy Ward, reminds that he have just 18 - 20 years old when this tracks was recorded. A really prodigy! Do you never hear that? you should! you really should! the camel finnest!


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