November 30, 2019

Space Circus ‎– Funky Caravan (1978, LP, Japan)

1. Alibaba (8:34)
2. Network (5:08)
3. African Reggae (6:03)
4. Funky Caravan (9:35)
5. The Way We Were (6:04)
6. Spring Wave (6:48)

Yukiano Sano - guitars
Kizuku Yamagiwa - piano, Fender Rhodes electric piano, Solina string ensemble, Hammond organ, minimoog, ARP synthesizers, mini-Korg synthesizer
Hajime Okano - basses
Yoshikazu Ogawa - drums, percussion

A surprisingy unknown group from Osaka that released two albums in the 70's; SPACE CIRCUS was a quartet where the members on both albums were bassist Hajime OKANO, drummer Yoshikazu OGAWA and guitarist Yukinao SANO . Except switching keyboard players, between the two albums they also changed their sound as well, going from clasic fusion to giving a nod to space rock on the second album. Okano Hajime's guitar playing can also be very reminiscent of Andrew LATIMER, so SPACE CIRCUS can be recommended to fans of CAMEL and even DIXIE DREGS. To OKANO we can be thanful for the recent reissuing of these excelent albums and adding some bonus live material. (progarchives)


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