July 29, 2019

Heretic ‎– 1984-88 (1994, CD, Japan)

Excellent compilation of Heretic's first two LP's from the 80's, three exceprts from their rare first album, the whole 2nd album plus an unreleased track. First tracks (band operated as a trio, always led by composer/multi-instrumentalist Hirofumi Kawahara) are somewhere between melodic Space Rock with electric guitar/synth and Ambient Music with cosmic synthesizers/electronics. Second album (Heretic as a five-pice band now) is mostly EM with a cosmic edge plus guitar-oriented complex Prog and touches of Fusion in the shorter tracks, while the first-ever published piece is somewhat abstract, guitar-driven, jazzy instrumental Rock in the vein of KING CRIMSON. Unique album indeed with a unique atmosphere as well. (apps79)

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