February 26, 2019

Giant Step ‎– Giant On The Move (1976, CD, Indonesia)

01 Farewell Today
02 Giant On The Move
03 Liar
04 A Fortunate Paradise
05 Illusion Way
06 Desicion
07 Waste Time
08 So Long
09 Air Pollution

Giant Step are:
Benny Soebardja - Lead Vocal/ Lead Guitar
Albert Warnerin - Guitar
Adhi Sibolangit - Bass/ Flute
Triawan Munaf - Hammond/ Keys
Haddy Arief - Drums

In 1976 Giant Step is a band with a mature condition in terms of rock music feeling, musical attitude and aptitude and in this time most of the performances held in some big cities in Indonesia.

In line with this condition Bob Dook our best friend who always making some lyrics for Giant Step songs provides some lyrics such as Giant On The Move, A Fortunate Paradise, Decision, therefore we decide to start to produce album and called Giant On The Move (melody was written by Triawan Munaf) this song we can claimed that this represented all the band member which is every member me, Albert, Triawan, Haddy and Adhy contribute their voices.

This album recorded at SM Record studio in Bandung the first launch is held in Sport Hall in Semarang Central Java, special thanks to Mr. Gandjar our manager who sponsored this launching concert in Semarang

In this album we also can hear the voice of Triawan singing Farewell Today, Albert sing his song Liar and our drummer Haddy Arief sing his song Illusion Way.

To be frank of my opinion with this album, i do really satisfied to work with all the band members, and this is my satisfaction recording achievement since my previous album i made with the band member of Sharkmove/ Ghedechokras which give a similiar musical satisfaction achievement.

In this opportunity me, on behalf of all the band member of Giant Step would like to give a veriy high apreciation to ROCKPOD Records (Rhama Nalendra) for making a reissue album of Giant Step/ Giant On The Move and hope more young generation will listen to Giant Step song list.

Thank you
Jakarta, March 25, 2015
Benny Soebardja

This Reissue dedicated to all Giant Step members and Diehard fans.