January 12, 2019

Univers Zero - Present - Aranis - Once Upon A Time In Belgium (2011, Live, France)

Rock in Opposition Festival
Cap'Découverte, Le Garric (Carmaux) - France

Disc 1
11 tracks (total time: 62:10)
Disc 2
4 Tracks (total time: 33:33)

Line Up
Daniel Denis - percussion, drums
Roger Trigaux - keyboard
Joris Vanvinckenroye - double bass
Reginald Trigaux - electric guitar
Jana Arns - flute
Dave Kerman - drums, percussion
Kurt Bude - clarinet
Michel Berckmans - bassoon, oboe
Dimitri Evers - electric bass
Stijn Denys - acoustic guitar
Pierre Chevalier - keyboards
Marjolein Cools - accordion
Pierre Desassis - soprano saxophone
Lisbeth Lambrecht - violin
Martin Lauwers - violin
Keith Macksoud - electric bass
Iris Thissen - cello
time: 95:19

PS. digital audience master recorded from the sweet spot above the soundboard


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