Thursday, September 21, 2017

KHA - YM ‎– 10 "GMT (1979, LP, France)

Obcure French Lp released in 1979 on the tiny DIY label, F.L.V.M. KHA-YM - 10"GMT is a kind of record that we like, an oddball completly unknown with a naive and idiosyncratic sound direction, a mixture between raw electonic experimentation, dreamy synth patterns and low fi free drums effort, this is a two mens band, Alain Gerbe plays bass, guitar, percussions, guitar, keyboards and Jacky Michaud plays drums and tabla, they recorded the lp at home with two Revox A-77, helped by Marc Tamburro for the mix. Listen to this attractive mutant sound...
Kha-Ym was a duo of Alain Gerbe and Jacky Michaud. Alain conceived the album on his own and essentially played all the other parts on the recording – base, percussions, guitars and keyboards. He brought in Jacky to fill out the drums and add additional percussions. Influenced by their interest in progressive music, they decided to create an album. Alain wrote the music, and the duo practiced for some time before they began recording, in their home, with two Revox A77 tape machines.
That way they put together all the tracks recorded to be included on their only album – 10² G.M.T. Knowing in advance that no big label would sign them because their music was not commercial (and punk was the flavor of the season at the end of the 1970s), they decided to press the album themselves at FLVM, a French ‘do it yourself’ label. Before taking it to press, the guys added some overdubbing at Roanne studio with sound engineer Mark Tamburro, and the album was released as a Roanne Music record. The big advantage at the Roanne studio were the additional instruments and the polyphonic Korg synth that Alain used through the recording.

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