August 10, 2017

NYA LJUDBOLAGET ‎– Nya Ljudbolaget (1981, LP, Sweden)

NYA LJUDBOLAGET were a short-lived Swedish super-group of sorts from the early eighties. Their lone album was recorded and released in 1980 shortly after drummer Hans Bruniusson left SAMLA MAMMAS MANNA but before joining FLOWER KINGS. The rest of the lineup consisted of Ulf Wallander (FLOWER KINGS), Karl-Erik Eriksson (RAMLOSA KVALLAR) and Ove Karlsson, who also served alongside Wallander in ARBETE OCH FRITID.
The group disappeared after this release, and little information exists about them, but their lone legacy is a delightful blend of RIO, Eastern-influenced trance, folk and classical music. For their lone but memorable effort the band has earned a solid place here on ProgArchives.
Tracks Listing:
1. Som Pårlor Skall Du Minnas Mina Tårar (3:35)
2. Immigrantlament (4:30)
3. Brudmarsch Från Orsa (3:25)
4. Långtan Och Förnekelse (6:05)
5. a) Trio (1:40)
b. Nar Gryningen Kommer (3:40)
6. Minnesvisa (1:30)
7. a) Cellohalling (1:35)
b) Putenska Marschen (1:10)
c) Ramlösa Mammas Fritid (6:15)
8. Continuum Prometheus (12:05)
9. Chal Chal Chal (2:20)

Hans Bruniusson / drums, vibraphone, marimba, percussion
Ulf Wallander / soprano & tenor saxophone, piano
Karl-Erik Eriksson / darbouka, trumpet
Ove Karlsson / cello, marimba, vibraphone, acoustic guitar, piano, synthesizers
Marie Selander / vocals (1)Releases information

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