July 08, 2017

SKYWHALE ‎– The World At Minds End (1977, LP, England)

The World At Mind's End (Vinyl L.P.) is the only album by English progressive rock band Skywhale, released in 1977 on Firebrand Records. It was produced by Dennis Mann and features the original line-up of Steve Robshaw, Howard Scarr a.k.a. Gwyo Zepix (formerly of Zorch), Dougall Airmole, Mick Avery, Paul Todd, Stan Thewlis and John Schofield.
The album was written and recorded during 1977, and consists of six tracks of instrumental rock/jazz fusion songs, featuring guitar, violin, synthesizers, sax, flute, drums, bass and percussion.[2]
The album was recorded over several months at Dennis Mann's basement Mushroom Studios Bristol in West Mall, Clifton, Bristol. This street of Georgian balconied houses is, incidentally, where some members of the band Stackridge lived during the 1970s, and is featured in their song "32 West Mall". The album cover features a surreal, somewhat psychedelic like image of a couple embracing by artist Carl Schofield. It did not chart in the UK, but sold steadily among fans in Bristol the 1970s. The LP was released as a CD in 2006.
Side A
1. Epicure
2. Hydralic Fever
3. Two Budda Garage
Side B
1. The World At Minds End
2. Eternal Optimist (Therat)
3. Boggies

Line-up / Musicians
Steve Robshaw / guitars, violin, Roland guitar synthesizer
Stan Thewils / flute, tenor saxophone
Paul Todd / soprano saxophone, flute, penny whistle
Dougall Airmole / bass
Mick Avery / drums, percussion
Gwyo Zepix / keyboards, EMS & ARP Synthesizers
John Schofield / percussion

Insturmental-Progressive って書いてありました。
まあ聴いてみるとその通りかもしれませんが、Jazz Rock や Fusion の要素も多分に

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