July 16, 2017

KOTEBEL - Cosmology (2017, CD, Spain)

This album features the “Cosmology Suite”. An ambitious work based on the musical representation of four conceptions of the Cosmos:
- The Geocentric Universe (Earth as center of the universe and God as an anthropomorphic entity)
- The Mechanical Universe (the cosmos is a complex machine where parts interact with each other based on physical laws. God does not exist)
- The Entangled Universe (rather than isolated entities, we are actually all “connected”)
- Oneness (rather than “connected” we are really one. Like waves in the sea…)
In addition to Cesar G. Forero’s “Mishima’s Dream”, the album includes a remastered version of the piece “Canto XXVIII”. A piece that Cesar wrote for Dante’s Paradiso (issued in 2010 as part of Colossus’ Divine Comedy project).

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