April 30, 2017

I Giganti ‎– Terra In Bocca (Poesia Di Un Delitto) (1971, LP, Italy)

Many prog fans from outside Italy probably only know I Giganti for their much looked-after Terra in bocca album, but this band from Milan was formed in 1964 with the same line-up and was one of the most successful beat groups in Italy during the sixties, with two albums and around 15 singles before a short split. They even played with the Beatles during one of their Italian dates.
All the members were also good singers and the nice contrast between their different voices (including the characteristic bass tone of drummer Enrico Maria Papes) was one of the most impressive elements in their 60's production.

Terra in bocca is a very ambitious concept album about mafia, with strong and brave lyrics (written by Piero De Rossi) and complex music arrangements, that sometimes are not perfectly combined with text. All the tracks are connected to form two side-long suites. For its contents the album was also banned by the Italian radio.
Some guests appear on it, among which the keyboardist and composer Vince Tempera (who later played with Il Volo) future Area's bass player Ares Tavolazzi, drummer Ellade Bandini (these three musicians were playing together at the time under the name The Pleasure Machine), guitarist Marcello Dellacasa, later with Latte e Miele and the spanish bass player of I Ribelli, Angel Salvador.
An interesting work though a bit disjointed, very hard to follow for non Italian listeners, the album is rare and well regarded by many.
A single was also taken from the LP, having the same cover design (by Gianni Sassi and his al.sa studio before he founded the Cramps label), and the band released another 7" single a year later before disbanding.

Songs / Tracks Listing
1. Largo Iniziale (3:28)
2. Molto Largo (2:13)
3. Avanti (3:42)
4. Avanti Tutto-Brutto Momento-Plim Plim (4:33)
5. Plim Plim Al Parossismo-Delicato Andante (3:13)
6. Rumori-Fine Incombente (6:12)
7. Fine Lontana-Allegro Per Niente (6:04)
8. Tanto Va La Gatta Al Lardo-Su E Giu' (7:44)
9. Larghissimo- Dentro Tutto (4:14)
10. Alba Di Note-Rimbalzello Triste (1:27)
11. Rimbalzello Compiacente-Ossessivo Ma Non Troppo- Fine (3:25)
Total time 46:15

Bonus track on 2000 CD reissue:
12. Sogno Di Un Vegetale (2:50)
Bonus track on 2009 CD reissue:
12. Il Pescatore (Lungo E Disteso 1a Versione) (2:37)

Line-up / Musicians
Giacomo "Mino" Di Martino / guitar, vocals
Francesco "Checco" Marsella / piano, organ, Mellotron, vocals
Sergio Di Martino / bass, guitar, vocals
Sergio Enrico Maria Papes / drums, Fx, vocals
Marcello Dellacasa / guitar
Gigi Rizzi / guitar
Ares Tavolazzi / guitar, bass
Carmelo La Bionda / acoustic guitar (uncredited)
Michelangelo La Bionda / acoustic guitar (uncredited)
Vincenzo Tempera / organ, piano
Ellade Bandini / drums

LP Rifi ‎- RDZ ST 14207 (1971, Italy)
LP Rifi ‎- RDZ-ST 14207 (2015, Italy)
CD Vinyl Magic ‎- VM013CD (1989, Italy) 46:41 minutes length and is presumably taken from a demo tape with clear differences on the mix from the original LP
CD Vinyl Magic ‎- VM013CD (1993, Italy) 43:42 length, presumably taken from the original masters.
CD Vinyl Magic ‎- VM 013 (1997, Italy) As above
CD Akarma ‎- AK 1023 (2000, Italy) With a bonus track
CD Comet Records ‎- AK 1023 / B (2009, Italy) With a bonus track; bundled with book

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