March 18, 2017

Giacomo Simonelli ‎– In Discoteca (1975, LP, Italy)

Neapolitan composer, arranger, singer. With I Dinamici beat group recorded his first singles; than forms I Tatakò realizing in 1967 a protest song 1000 Voci a Buchenwald. Log at RCA arranging Sirio 2222, debut lp by Il Balletto di Bronzo. Began working with Emilio Iarrusso wraiting dozens of songs for artists as The Rokes, Gepy & Gepy, Mino Reitano, Mario Musella, Ivana Monti. In 1970 collaborates for the 3rd album by Gabriella Ferri. In 1977 his song Monica by Santo California gets 3rd place at the Sanremo Festival. Collaborate for the rock opera Heroes Temporis with Magni Animi Viriin the 2007. He arranged the orchestral parts and directs the Bulgarian Symphony Orchestra.