February 22, 2017

St. Helena - Hello Friend (1974, LP, Norway)

The last planned released album on BAR Records was a demo recording with the band St Helena
(during a period they used the name Foppen but later they took back the name St Helena).
The differnce between Akasha was that St helena were more typical progressiv and was more inspired by Jethro Tull and Gensis (the early period). During this recording session Willy Bendiksen drums Fezza Ellingsen guitar,vocals,fluite,piccolo,percusion these 2were the center of the band. They later becomed members of the legendery norwegian group Höst. bendiksen have also been a member in Flax, Blond on Blond and Perfect Crime.
Ellingsen was before he was a member in St Helena a member of Akasha. After St Helena he palyed in Cobra and a solo project named Kaptein Nemo. Other members of the band was Rolf Andersen Guitar, voclas and Kjell Arne Pleym piano, vocalsand Ray Briseid bass. These guys have been recording an album named "have your own feeling, have your own way"(HArmoni K 1278) back in 1971. 
These album was only made in 250 copies and with a lyricsheet. ANd are maybe Norways first alternative release. http://musikk-labeler.blogspot.com/
Side A
A1 Hello Friend 5:13
A2 Concert No. 2 5:40
Side B
B1 Song Is Sung / Lama And The Boy / Magic Garden 8:40