September 15, 2008


This is the second album from this great band. "Bigorna" (subtitled 'The Real History of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table') is a concept album, a spoof on the legend of King Arthur. Very irreverently, the band plays fast and furious, showing flashes of ZAPPA, Alex Harvey, The Beatles, The Beach Boys and Splitz Enz all mixed together, yet they manage to add the usual prog fare of Yes and Genesis. This CD comes with a comic book, written in Portuguese.
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1. Prologue (3:29)2. From The Hands Of God (3:48)3. Knight’s Nightmare (6:37)4. King’s Song (3:38)5. King’s Fugue (1:49)6. She Smiled (3:43)7. Guinevere (5:41)8. Marriage (2:17)9. Show Me Where Love Lives (2:33)10. Lily Fears (1:31)11. The Warning (5:51)12. March Of Despair - A) She’s Coming B) Cool Down Emily Whith C) Song Of Despair (4:52)13. Apocalypstic Man (3:56)14. Alberich’s Blues (3:00)15. Letter To Marion (5:17)16. In The Gates Of Hell (1:07)17. The Last Battle (9:29)18. The Great Gates Of Freedom (4:35)


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