July 14, 2007

Orchestra Njervudarov - Con Le Orecchie Di Eros (1979, LP, Italy)

Orchestra Njervudarov was formed in Bologna, though some of the members were from the Marche. The band nucleus existed since mid 70's under the name Frogs, playing a jazz-rock inspired from Soft Machine and Weather Report. The new name was chosen not long before the album release in 1979, and the group had a limited live activity.
Con le orecchie di Eros, the only recorded release by Orchestra Njervudarov, is an album with a very strange story, being well known by name to many italian prog fans throughout the words, though few of them had heard it, making it a sort of legendary (and difficult to find) record.
Released in 1979, probably in a limited quantity, by EMI, and badly promoted, the album is an unusual mix of Canterbury-inspired instrumental jazz prog (not unlike Picchio Dal Pozzo's albums), Zappa-esque sounds and atmospheres and even a touch of ironical new wave like in the long-titled Rapporto Njervudarov sulla teoria degli opposti estremismi (to be honest, this is the only track to sound totally out of place in the entire album, with crazy lyrics in the same vein as some "demential" italian punk bands of the late 70's).The LP has some very good and intense moments, though it's not particularly representative of the typical italian prog sound.
Bass player Roberto Costa has long collaborated with Lucio Dalla and other italian pop artists like Luca Carboni and Luca Barbarossa. Even guitarist Bruno Mariani has briefly played with Lucio Dalla, as well as with Ron, Samuele Bersani, Ornella Vanoni and others.Drummer Adriano Pedini still plays in the jazz field after having a long career as sessionman.
A rare album, Con le orecchie di Eros has never been reissued on vinyl nor CD. It has an odd number in the EMI catalogue, as the 3C064-18139 used for this record seems to be dated 1976 like Baricentro's Sconcerto from that year (no.3C064-18152). Probably the LP was given an unused old catalogue number. No counterfeits exist nor foreign vinyl issues. (italianprog)

Side A
A1 Tot Stelle Reflex 
A2 Spleen, Codice Notturno 
A3 Una Baldoria Verticale 
A4 Tristessa 
Side B
B1 Rapporto Njervudarov Sulla Teoria Degli Opposti Estremismi 
B2 Toujours L'Amour 
Il Montaggio Delle Attrazioni / Sinfonia Erotica 
B3a L'Oscillazione Poetica 
B3b Batte Il Tamburo.... Lentamente 
B3c FedeltĂ  Al Respiro!

Adriano Pedini: Drums, Vibraphone, Flute, Percussion 
Roberto Costa: Electric Bass, Contrabass, Synthesizer [Crumar, Polymoog], Trombone  
Bruno Mariani: Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Guitar Synthesizer [Roland], Percussion 
Piero Baldassarri: Electric Piano, Piano [Acoustic], Synthesizer [Polymoog] 
Piergiorgio Bonafé: Soprano Saxophone, Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone, Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, Cornet, Flute.


Anonymous said...


Thank you for sharing this interesting album! Can you tell us the track listing? Best regards,


Sosuke111 said...

Great Article and great group!!!!
I studied drums with Adriano Pedini and I heard from him about this legendary LP, I couldn't believe to find this LP on the net!!!!

Centraldoprog rulez!!!!!!!

Sosuke111 said...

Here's the track listing:

Songs / Tracks Listing
1. Tot stelle reflex (4:18)
2. Spleen, codice notturno (5:53)
3. Una baldoria verticale (4:52)
4. Tristessa (3:34)
5. Rapporto Njervudarov sulla teoria degli opposti estremismi (2:52)
6. Toujours l'amour (4:42)
7. Il montaggio delle attrazioni / Sinfonia Erotica (6:32)