Sunday, July 15, 2007


A very adventurous band, this Italian Avant/Folk ensemble never got much attention during their fairly short formation during the early 80’s, therefore information on this band is hard to find. Their music is very pleasant yet challenging, with also some notable classical and ethnic influences incorporated in their overall sound. The vocals plays a significant role in their music as well, with almost Zeuhl-ish male and female vocal stylistics that flows systematically well with the music. They released one studio album and one EP in 1981 and 1982 with their best release being the self-titled studio album wich represents everything musically decribed in this bio at its best, a truly admiring release and an essential of it’s genre. Ensemble Havadià disbanded shortly after these releases, but they are both reissued on CD so if you stumble over it then check it outif you have a desire for avantgarde, folk and classical music. (bio written by Bj1)
Musicians:Moni Ovadia (voice), Mariuccia Colegni (voice, electric bass), Valemir Dugina (violin), Mario Arcari (oboe, sax), Diego Ruvidotti (trumpet), Alfredo Lacosegliaz (classic guitar, percussion), Lorenzo Leddi (electric guitar, keyboards), Mauro Minucci (contrabass), Aldo Di Marco (vibraphone, drums)

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