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Tracklist: 1. Introspezione (2:05) 2. Les plaisirs sont doux (3:36) 3. La marmellata (2:34) 4. L'altalena (5:35) 5. Monologo (2:37) 6. Il pavone (4:53) 7. Ah, douleur (4:15) 8. Deliee (5:01) 9. Oro (3:30) 10. Rituale (5:47) 11. Introspezione (integrale) (6:12)


Tracklist: 1. Flowers on pride (5:30) 2. Avarice (5:26) 3. Lust (3:54) 4. My vice (2:00) 5. Ira (7:53) 6. Gluttony (3:05) 7. Envy (5:44) 8. Sloth (4:33) 9. Allemanda (3:03) (bonus track)


Tracklist: 1. Canto alla notte (3:51) 2. Quiete e tumulto (2:11) 3. Danza degli oggetti liberati (4:41) 4. Canto incompiuto (4:07) 5. Vertigine (3::24) 6. Fase dello specchio (duello) (3:46) 7. Canto prima dell'alba (3:09) 8. Tics (palude) (2:57) 9. Ritmo alfa (labirinto) - live (7:25) 10. Canto a un dio nascosto (3:35) 11. R.E.M. (11:25) (bonus track)


Tracklist: 1. Katharsis (1:11) 2. Galassie (5:57) 3. Tensione (3:29) 4. Il tempo (3:14) 5. Ira (2:10) 6. Richiamo (5:03) 7. (Ah ben si (3:45) 8. Katharsis (1:34) voce recitante "Il principio" 9. Cristalli (2:27) 10. Impressioni (3:10) voce recitante "Impressioni" 11. Flying in the wind (3:22) voce recitante "L'albero" 12. Spiritual (4:35) 13. Caduta (2:39) 14. Katharsis (2:58) voce recitante "Se"

A unique group in the italian scene, Opus Avantra mixed together contemporary classical music with avantgarde and a light progressive rock inflience, giving an original result that's often considered too difficult to listen for straight prog rock ears. Their name was obtained from their three main interests, opera, avantgarde and traditional music.
Formed in Veneto in 1973 around the nucleus of soprano Donella Del Monaco (the niece of famous tenor Mario Del Monaco), pianist-composer Alfredo Tisocco, philosopher Giorgio Bisotto and producer Renato Marengo, and aided in the years by many other musicians, the group released their first album in 1974, Opus Avantra - Donella Del Monaco (often referred to as Introspezione, from the title of the first track) on the collectible Trident label. Usually considered their most accessible work, the album is built on classical-inspired themes with complex arrangements and dominated by the nice soprano voice of singer Del Monaco and good flute playing, with just an instrumental track, Rituale. The band also had a good live activity promoting their album in Veneto and Rome.
Donella Del Monaco was absent on the second album Lord Cromwell (plays suite for seven vices), that follows in the same style as the previous work, being replaced by an american chorus. Former Nuova Idea drummer Paolo Siani played on this album, that like the first one contains some interesting passages for the adventurous listeners.
Both Alfredo Tisocco (along with Gruppo Italiano di Danza Libera in 1975's Katharsis) and Donella Del Monaco (with 12 canzoni da battello in 1977 and Schoenberg Kabarett in 1978) also released individual albums in the same vein, and the duo reunited under the name Opus Avantra for a third album in 1989, Strata, and a CD-only fourth release in 1995, Lyrics.
2008 saw the reunion of Opus Avantra with Donella Del Monaco, Alfredo Tisocco, Giorgio Bisotto and other musicians, for a concert in Japan in April, based on material from all their albums. Hopefully this will repeated for other live exhibitions and new recordings.
The first two Opus Avantra albums are very rare and expensive in their original issues, while the third is more common. All of them came in gatefold covers.
Opus Avantra - Donella Del Monaco was officially reissued on vinyl in 2008 by BTF.Before this reissue others had been released:one of these is probably a counterfeit, very similar to the original but easily identifiable by the usual distinctive elements (see Trident page for details). A 1988 reissue also exists (year appears on the label) with a glossy cover, and this seems a legitimate repressing taken from the original master: the matrix number and release date on vinyl are machine-stamped and SIAE stamp is there. Some copies of this reissue have the labels inverted on both sides of the vinyl (the A-side label is on the B-side).Another edition of the same reissue exists which was customized for export to Japan; this has a smooth cardboard gatefold cover, easily identifiable by the english text on back "Distributed for Japan by Marquee". It also includes an insert with the original lyrics and the japanese translations.
Even Lord Cromwell had a reissue on the same Suono label as the original, this label kept releasing records until the 80's. At least two different reissues exist, one with the "Distributed for Japan by Marquee" writing on back cover was made in 1988 for export in collaboration with the japanese record shop Marquee, which added a lyric sheet and a foldout insert, the other one is identical to the original and even carries the old printer's name and distribution credits ("Grafica Centonze - Como" and "Distribuito da Ariston") so it looks like the cover has been printed from an original matrix (or an original cover has been photographed, as in the best bootleg tradition!).Any details helping to tell originals from the reissues are well accepted!
Two beautiful 4-CD compilation box sets have been recently released by Akarma:Opus Magnum collects the first three Opus Avantra albums (with a bonus track each) along with Alfredo Tisocco's Katharsis (played with Gruppo Italiano di Danza Libera);Omega includes two more albums from Alfredo Tisocco, Ritagli d'anima and Ballet collection, and two from Opus Avantra, 1995's Lyrics and Live concerts excerpts, an unreleased live album with 1977-91 recordings (this CD has been later issued separately).The albums in this box sets have all mini gatefold covers reproducing the original artworks, and some of them also include an insert. Each box set also includes a foldout insert.
A recent CD reissue of Opus Avantra - Donella Del Monaco on the japanese Arcangelo label (ARC-7005) comes with a hard mini-LP cover. (italianprog)


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GRAZIE. Grandissima musica.

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hello, great music indeed.
would someone send me track #1 of the album opus avantra - introspezione? it seems missing or corrupt :(


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hi man!
i think this music could be very good, if only I could be able to download the mass mirror album(s)! i've jet post a comment, today, for another album telling the same thing: is mass mirror crazy? it's two week (!!) that i try to download music from there and the response is always the same: file not found, possible causes.. etc etc..
why it's happening this? as i can read, i'm not the only one who have problems with mm, but this makes things worst, don't you think?
so, what's the problem, what's the matter? what can i do? why we don't decide to don't use mass mirro anymore till it works good? i'm starting to hate it!!
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hi leonard.
I am not commenting the post itself... I am just to let you know I completely share your opinion. mass mirror does not have any problems...mass mirror IS a problem... and I think that when someone is going throuh all the work & time required to upload the files, should mind to choose a decent host for those files (or at least on that works - I think that would be enough).

well, after so long uploading and sharing files, I still don't understand what motivates other bloggers (like in this case) to use this low standard hosts.

and yes...this is the kind of music that we all are looking for... but what is the point of "making like" you can have it...?!? better make a review with no links, than offer a link that nobody can use.

but thanks... any way.

ps you are all invited to visit this blog with 100% working links.

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Do u have the last album of Opus Avantra?


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